(3/3) A bit more on this construction (I even tried it by hand with ruler and compass 😁), specifically for a case where the angle is not a divisor of 360°. I end up with two different "complementary" "linear" squiggles, but they still satisfy that weird angle relationship.

Have you encountered these squiggles anywhere else? They appear to have a bit in common with meandering rivers divisbyzero.com/2009/11/26/the , but I don’t know if the squiggles that I play with have been investigated elsewhere.

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(2/3) In these pages, I look at what happens if I change the sequence of numbers that I use to construct the squiggle from the simple 1,2,3,…,n. I also take a look at why for ‘linear’ squiggles, the centers of rotation of the parts of the squiggle lie on one of two lines.

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(1/3) For those of you wondering what I have been talking about when mentioning using and in my art, here is a bit of stuff that I wrote about how the idea developed.

Something that had been hiding out in my old high school papers until a few years ago…back from the days when I had to use a photocopier instead of just being able to do this on a computer and print out multiple images.

I know that I posted this one earlier, but I just noticed that I had put ‘@‘ symbols instead of ‘#’ on the hashtags 😊, so that is now fixed.

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Something I made that is possibly older than some of you, but I don’t think that it is as old as my first computer.

@HypercubicPeg @csk

To me this looks like a 2D slice traversing through a higher dimensional object with the following properties:

-Based on 4-fold rotational symmetry
-The rotational symmetry smoothly rotates about fixed point in at least one dimension
-It is periodic in at least three dimensions, and two of those dimensions share a period (X/Y in this slice)

More from the investigation of animation on a grid. What do you see?

I was working on these because of the prompt from @csk a couple of years ago.

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