Small steps to untangle from big tech services: I installed a server at home on a Raspberry Pi 4 with .
All typical services available, to gradually switch off some online accounts.

How can a dynamical system get memory capabilities: By combining memory-less dynamical systems.

Memoryless Systems Generate the Class of all Discrete Systems
by E Beurier, D Pastor, DI Spivak, 2019

A good example how artefacts can exhibit a kind of agency (or is rather constraints?), even though we would not attribute any intentional behaviour to them.

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Am reading “The Light Ages” by Seb Falk.
Just learnt that in medieval times, before mechanical clocks were a common thing, each day was subdivided in 12 light and 12 dark hours. Over the year the length of hours varied. This goes back to Egyptian culture and lasted until 14th c.

Here is some leisure read for the weekend:

From quantum foundations via natural language meaning to a theory of everything

Bob Coecke, 2016

New arrival ...

Hi, I just found mathstodon as my server of choice.
I started to the fediverse recently on (advertised as science instance), then moved on to (big may be better?).

Seems I found my tribe here.
I look forward to joining you.

Some background on the idea of “frozen accidents” is in this 1995 paper from Gell-Mann.

What is complexity?

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Cryptographic Nature
by David Krakauer, 2015

About how non-physical regularities (regularized randomness aka frozen accidents) historically encrypt adaptive dynamics. Great framing.


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