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On Bayesian Mechanics: A Physics of and by Beliefs. (arXiv:2205.11543v1 [cond-mat.stat-mech]) arxiv.org/abs/2205.11543

@complexsystems@a.gup.pe Coming from a Twitter background, the group mechanism seems to be very restrictive. The fact that I "created" it gives me no extra rights. You cannot see the history of messages and you cannot see the people who subscribed. It simply boosts all messages where it is tagged in.


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It is a great pleasure to announce that our special issue on “Emergent phenomena in complex physical and socio-technical systems: from cells to societies” is now published!

Featuring great complexity scientists, working from cells to societies

Web: royalsocietypublishing.org/toc


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John S. Bell in "Against Measurement"
published in "Physics World" in 1990 asks (p.34)
"Information? Whose information? Information about what?"

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It is hard not to get confused. There are different levels of dynamics, but it all happens on one and the same structure.
Information remains a dependent quantity that requires some other observable physical quantity to carry it.
With the language we use, those aspects get lost.

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"For example, classical mechanics arises from an underlying quantum structure, but the laws of classical mechanics are causally closed, in the sense that for computing trajectories of Newtonian particles, we do not need information from the quantum level."

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Information and Complexity, or:
Where is the Information?

by N Ay, N Bertschinger, J Jost, E Olbrich, J Rauh


"Instead of drawing information from below, the upper level system relies on its memory."


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