Sometimes I feel such strong anxiety regarding climate change! I don't even know what to do.

There's a petition going on that wants to revoke Arnab Goswami's academic degrees. Please support this by uniting against this vile hateful man.

Fdroid is asking me to uninstall firefox klar because of a security vulnerability.

<< If you read math papers it pays to keep this in mind:

Most mathematicians are not writing for people. They're writing for God the Mathematician. And they're hoping God will give them a pat on the back and say "yes, that's exactly how I think about it". >>

--- John Baez

This place isn't anything like twitter or facebook or instagram, its so much more fucking valuable than corporate, monetized social networks can ever possibly be.

I don't care if the fediverse disappears tomorrow, it already has done way more good in my life than a lifetime of corporate social networks could.

Happy day, new saree, makeup after ages. Feeling cute, won't delete. #IWear

Hey guys.

I participated in a Hackathon and we made this for all the online instructors struggling with online teaching during the ongoing pandemic.

It's just a stand to place your camera to show your writing while streaming.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

R.I.P. Margaret Burbidge, who has passed away at 100. She was at the forefront of our understanding of at least two fields in astrophysics and cosmology.

Interesting Quanta article explaining the "universal covering problem", aka finding the smallest convex region that can cover an entire set of shapes; even restricting to shapes of "diameter 1" still leaves a tough unsolved problem in

Over on that other microblogging platform, John Baez points out how easy it is for mathematical physics crackpottery to get published in a prestigious-sounding pay-to-publish journal from an actually-prestigious publisher, Nature Scientific Reports:

In the ensuing discussion, Flavio Nogueira reports that editors rejected papers only to see them published anyway:

Should we start treating Nature as a predatory publisher?

Hello, new users!

This isn't "no rules Twitter". Please take a minute to read the rules:

Nobody's verified. ✅ is an emoji you can copy and paste into your username.

The CW button on a new toot will hide the text behind a clickable warning. Please use it liberally for lewd, graphic, or current-events toots, or to hide the punchlines of jokes.

If you upload an image, the NSFW button will appear. Clicking it will add a "sensitive image" overlay. Please use it!

Richard Stallman 

@JordiGH let me be clear, I fear my freedom will be taken over badly in my own country if things go this way. If I disagree with many things over and over, and if I have to face dire consequences, not by the law but by the masses, I will consider my nation gone to dogs and I'll become an activist full time.

And check out how things are here in India, @Breakfastisready may also chime in. Drop by when I and twb are around and we can talk details.

I'm genuinely concerned.

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