I feel so pessimistic about climate change. My pessimism is mostly born out of the lack of coverage in the media and reading about Fermi paradox and the great filter.

Everyday I feel that humanity is approaching the end very quickly and by now it is starting to depress me. I wish someone could just convince me that we're not going to destroy our planet!

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“$70 isn’t that much.” is honestly not the response you should be giving when asked how students struggling financially will be able to afford the mandatory digital textbook

New Twitter ad is extremely ripe for parody:

(She shuffles along the street not looking where she's going, reads 100 nonevents in the lives of charmless celebs, retweets a nasty callout of an already-sacked fool, is tricked by foreign bots into hating her domestic political enemies even more, and gets stressed by the old bad stream of unrepresentative, nocebo headlines.


Is there a "See First" option while following someone in the Fediverse? Something like the "bell" option on Youtube?

@Breakfastisready found this deaftec.org/resources/stem-sig , seems like sign language vocabulary in maths still has plenty of room for development

The best part about giving a lecture in sign language will be that all proofs will literally be just hand-waving!😆

I wonder if it is possible to give a mathematics lecture in sign language.

How do you convey eigenvectors or congruence subgroups in sign?

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Theorem: There exists a polygon whose sides are all 90 degrees, and has side lengths that differ.

Proof: ∎

Asia is the largest, most populous, and most diverse continent in the world, containing hundreds of ethnicities and cultures.

So I really wish westerners would stop using “Asian” as a blanket term. “Asian” is not a race or a type of cuisine.

A mixed race person with 3 distinct Asian ethnicities

Matsya And The Great Deluge, street art from Fort Bragg illustrating an ancient Indian folk tale. For a more complete view of this piece and more information about it, see fortbraggalleywayart.org/the-f

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