Today my advisor said:

Reading mathematics is like obesity. If you read too much, then it will only confuse you and will be harmful.

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I guess I'm going to sulk about Indian politics for five more years. All my favorite candidates lost and I have a complete dislike for this re-elected ruling party. *sigh*

Okay, so it seems that the overwhelming majority feels that these jokes are sexist. But is there no way there could be a non-sexist version of these jokes?

I want opinion on this.

Are "that's what she said" jokes sexist? They could surely be perverted/vulgar/NSFW, but are they sexist?

Just want a fair assessment.

G2 shall be my favorite group! Well, for now. For a while. Or maybe for longer. It's the smallest of the exceptional Lie groups. Found 1893 by Élie Cartan. It was he who suggested to think about it in terms of rolling balls.

Picture two spheres, one three times larger than the other. Imagine them rolling on another without slipping nor twisting. Rolling surfaces have their own branch of mathematics: contact geometry!

#mathematics #maths #G2

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You know in Fantasia when Mickey teaches a broom to fetch water and then he falls asleep and the brooms go haywire and have poured enough water to flood the whole place and create a veritable indoor maelstrom?

That's what it feels like when you write some server automation software and you wake up next morning to see the mess your code wrought.

Suppose you have a rectangle with which is tiled with finitely many smaller rectangles, not necessarily congruent to each other, such that each smaller rectangle has at least one side of integer length. Then show that the original rectangle also has at least one side of integer length.

Hint: Look at the hashtags.

if Python is so good how come there isn't a Python 2

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