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Guys, I have started a wiki. This wiki is about Indian entrance exams. It will provide free preparation material, guidance, information and counselling for students to be able to consult.

Other websites giving this sort of content either charge money or trade away data. India is a land of great inequality and I doing my bit. Help spread my wiki to create free knowledge and level playing field for all aspirants!

PS - pariksha (परीक्षा) means "Examination".

क़ाफ़िले में सुबह के इक शोर है

या'नी ग़ाफ़िल हम चले सोता है क्या

-Mir Taqi Mir



There is a morning call in the convoy

O lazy ones, we are leaving, are you still asleep?


Here's a blog post about this and the rest of the ghazal.

Exercise is a very pleasant thing to do. In mathematics, and in real life. Often, I fail to do either of them though 😂!

Someone from the internet sent me this Christmas gift! It just got here!!

Now I can finally take down my Christmas tree.

Keith Ball has a 1992 paper about packing of Euclidean balls. What are the odds! 😂

I'm thinking of trying one of the meditations apps. Has anyone used any of those?

Is there an open-source option?

My new crush is on algebraic groups.

At least, they don't pretend to love me. 😭

हम तो वो हैं जो खूदा को भूल गये
तू मेरी जान, किस गुमान में है?

- Jaun Elia


I am the one who has managed to forget God!

Sweetheart, what do you think you are?

अब उस के शहर में ठहरें कि कूच कर जाएँ,

'फ़राज़' आओ सितारे सफ़र के देखते हैं

- Ahmad Faraz


Now whether I come back from there or not,

O "Faraz", let's dream of the stars during the journey!

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सुना है लोग उसे आँख भर के देखते हैं

सो उस के शहर में कुछ दिन ठहर के देखते हैं

- Ahmad Faraz


People tell me that she is a delight to look at,

So I'll try to visit her city for a few days.

PS - Doesn't sound so romantic in translation. 😂

हैफ़ उस चार गिरह कपड़े की क़िस्मत 'ग़ालिब'

जिस की क़िस्मत में हो आशिक़ का गरेबाँ होना

- Mirza Ghalib


O "Ghalib", pity the fate of that piece of cloth,
Whose fate is to be the collar of a forlorn lover.

After spending time on a lattice construction for months, it is quite unfortunate to know that it is not going to be any better than existing lattices in terms of packing efficiency.

Well, at least I have a new lattice construction. That's mathematics, I guess. 😐

अभी राह में कई मोड़ हैं कोई आएगा कोई जाएगा

तुम्हें जिस ने दिल से भुला दिया उसे भूलने की दुआ करो

- Bashir Badr


There lie a lot of twists on the road, some to come in, some to leave.

Pray to forget the one who has forgotten you.

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