Playing with ideas for my next Maths Club talk ...

I don't think I'll get through all of that.

@ColinTheMathmo How does it usually go? You randomly go through this graph and talk about what's inside the vertices?

@erou If I'm preparing a talk I'll have this as a larger conext, then choose the subgraph I want to cover, then linearise it. In this case, though, I might leave open all the options and let the audience guide where we go.

My intention is to cover DHMW and why it's interesting. That will require the subgraph above and below.

Then we can start spreading ...

Does that make sense?


@ColinTheMathmo Yeah, it sounds exciting! I want to draw a graph like that with stuff that I could talk about now 🙂

@erou It takes a little effort, but that diagram is easy to generate using GraphViz. I'm thinking about a way of making it easier, but I'm sure there are tools out there already to do this.

You should do it - pick something and spread from there.

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