I'm all-but-thesis now on my masters! (And kinda really nervous.)

@kimreece Congrats! Is that "just" courses, or are there other hoops to jump through where you are?

@bremner All my courses are complete (ok, waiting on two to be entered into the computer, but they're of no concern). All that remains is to write and submit the thesis... Of course, that's the biggest part of the whole thing; courses are just preparatory anyway. So it's like saying I 'only' have most of the work (and the hardest part) left to do. But I am excited. I've been sitting lectures so much of my life... I almost can't imagine this.

@kimreece Maybe write future-you a note about how excited you are to work on your thesis 😜


@kimreece more seriously, you're right, its definitely a milestone. Of course some PhD programs have course requirements too, so you never know

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