So one of the options SFGate mentions to keep deer and rabbits out of hostas is literally, I am not making this up, "Keep a trained guard dog outside to discourage and scare off rabbits and deer."

(They also recommend a "2-foot-tall, boxlike enclosure of fine mesh around the individual plants or around your entire garden" which tells me they copypasta'd that from vegetable gardening advice because these are ornamentals. The awning of the cage of asparagus would entirely negate their purpose.)

The idea of having a trained guard dog for hostas *or* a vegetable garden, though. 😆


@gamehawk Hostas are almost a weed where I live. I'm surprised to learn that something eats them. I guess that makes my town of 50,000 "urban" since we don't have roving gangs of bambi.

@bremner @gamehawk
My town of 12k does have roving bands of bambis, but they tend to stay on the outskirts munching 'highway beautification' projects of grass and flowers, but not that often.
Critters Usually don't like us much.
Every so often a moose, fox or wolf will be seen in the town, but it's rare
Idiots who don't pick their fruit trees invite bears, but they usually come during the evening/night. It makes my friends and I very angry when they complain to the COs who mostly kill them :-(

@gemlog @bremner Our subdivision borders on a tributary of the Cooper River (though it's at the far end from us) so it's kind of a wildlife highway from Wharton State Forest. We get groundhogs, possums, beaver, muskrat, and raccoons around the neighborhood, and we've seen skunks, cottontails, evidence of deer, and an infinite supply of red squirrels in our own yard.

We probably also have red foxes but I haven't seen them yet, even as roadkill. Closest bear sighting was about five miles away.

@gamehawk @bremner
Foxes are nocturnal - you have to be up really early just to see them going 'home' (wherever that is).

@gemlog @bremner Yeah, foxes reached a sufficient population in Wichita that we'd see them as urban roadkill, which was mostly how we knew they were around. (Although red foxes are as adaptable as coyotes, and will happily shift their schedule to whenever the prey is awake. Urban ones tend to be nocturnal if only to avoid humans though.)

@gamehawk @bremner I've never seen a dead fox. One dead wolf, but it was an idiot and hung around the highway. I think there was something wrong with it. Big black one.
A fox used to walk down my street at like 5am or so for a time a few summers ago. No idea what it was up to.
I saw a lynx on the same logging main line a couple of times. I assume it didn't last either. When wild critters challenge humans, something is wrong with them. We will fuck you up... (sorry).

@gamehawk @bremner
Bears are quite numerous around my way. As common as crows and bald eagles really
It was a big number. I'll look...
14-16,000 grizzly (brown) bears and ~150,000 black bears. Also, this weird one from just my small area
I see one every once in a while.
Black bears are mostly live and let live. Except sows with cubs, of course. Brown bears are spooky, big avoid. Only came upon one once. Backed away REAL slow and it just stood there the whole time staring

@bremner I think it's mostly the rabbits that are eating them here, although I found deer poop under the bird feeder once. We have a bunny that hangs out under the cars on the driveway though, and they'll eat the shoots down to the ground in spring. Might try planting some sacrificial leaf lettuce to see if they'll leave the hostas alone long enough to establish. Although tbh I'm just as happy with only the native plants hanging on, there were already some hostas in the back when we moved in.

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