Had some great #Dlang discussions at @ACCUConf@twitter.com already so far.


@samathy Look @JordiGH , people other than you that want to talk about D.

@bremner @samathy Ooh, thanks for the heads up.

I wish I could go to Dconf but I can't justify the expense. :-(

@JordiGH @bremner Likewise, its quite pricy to attend as somone with only a hobbies interest!

@samathy I think they offer financial aid? I was trying to get my job to pay, but there's no D anywhere here to justify that.

@JordiGH I havent found anything that says they do. I'd be inclined to go if I could get a cheaper ticket.

@samathy Also, I suppose this happens often to you, but you may well be the only woman at the conference. Don't you find that... uncomfortable? I know I would feel a little out of place.

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