Huh, Facebook vanished from development since sometime in October 2018. They're not in the mailing lists, the IRC channel, and they're certainly not sending patches anymore.

I wonder what's up? They've been threatening to fork off for a long while now. I bet they finally did it.

I, for one, am relieved to see them gone. They did some good stuff but they were also a little unpleasant to work with.

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@dimpase Unlikely but possible. They're still making public patches to their essentially fb-only hg tools.

I expect they'll resurface in a year or two with Facebookial or something.


Intetesting take.

Thanks for putting it out there.

@JordiGH hmm, 2018-10 is around when..:

1. Python 3 porting progress started happening (cf. )
2. the Rust / Oxidation work starting picking up (cf. )

Related to a worry about keeping internal codebases up to date with soon-to-be-rapidly-changing upstream(s)?

@gnomon Oh, could be! Neither of those things were fb-initiated. They really were always wanting to do their own thing and would get unhappy when there was pushback.

@gnomon Wait, there are problems with this theory. fb has bragged in the past how all of their codebase (except hg, I guess) has been Python 3 for a while. Also, they also wrote their own Rust hg server.

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