I need a matplotlib colour map that’s linear in luminance, accessible, and in the cyberpunk aesthetic style.. :blobhyperthink:

That of course means that 2021 is a semiprime (a product of two prime numbers).

The previous semiprime year was 2019 = 3 x 673.

Five years later it will be the next semiprime year, 2026 = 2 x 1013.

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2021 is the product of a pair of cousin primes (two prime numbers that differ by 4): 2021 = 43 x 47.

The next year when this happens again is Year 4757 = 67 x 71.

I should clarify: I didn’t do that. It would have been a bad idea anyway.

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Was tempted to write

self.self = self(self)

in a method using self as the first argument

I have evolved into my winter form: Shuffling Pile of Blankets

Ah yes I'll have the macmac + maccheese +cheesemac + cheesecheese

Feral Egyptian cats trying to eat my backpack. Cute and scary. So basically, cats.

Broke: converges in distribution
Woke: converges in probability
Bespoke: converges almost surely

As I read stuff written in the 1930s by Norbert Wiener, I’m really impressed by the clear and approachable language and narrative, so unlike today’s academese ._.

The Three Genders of tops:

Euler, Lagrange, and Kovalevskaya

Hot take: out fuzzy perception of quantities, like brightness/loudness/even distance, may not only be logarithmic, it might even be Lambert W-like.

I made a stupid mistake when expanding some asymptotics and stumbled upon the Catalan numbers ._.

@zoec and bc of age (with COBOL), they both are perforated languages

I made a guest post at the n-Category Café, thanks to a kind invitation by John Baez! The plan is for it to be the first of a series:


#quantum #physics

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