Useless in the sense that, nothing changes, and we’ve done very little as we are most likely not allowed to do much to change things. We are still struggling and suffering, except that now we experience all that, aware and woke.

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This year my reading theme—if I have to name one—is modern writing on feminism (as opposed to Beauvoir et el.). The more I read it the more I feel I am not the one who needs to read it, because it is too relatable, almost like I’m only learning a better way to form arguments for thoughts/opinions/aspirations that I already have. One of my friends accurately pointed out that, most of the time we talk about feminism just like anger politics: empowering, relatable, thought provoking, but useless.


Why doesn't infinity, the biggest number, simply eat all the other numbers?

(3/3) her doing. I am so grateful for her trust and this dynamic we have, and I want the same for myself: if one day for life reasons I have to leave maths for some time I hope I’ll still have people who are willing to keep me in the loop and help/welcome me back. When we say “the maths community”, this is what it should be like in my head, not where people constantly competing—that’s a racecourse, not a community.

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(2/3)it’s simply not healthy. That academia has been like this for so long does not mean it is the right way of doing it. I genuinely appreciate making maths friends who can also be my life friends, and we looking out for each other and collaborating, not competing. Isn’t this exactly why conferences are happening? One of my best friends left maths when I started my PhD and she’s considering coming back, she’d ask me what I’m studying and knowing how well I know her what topics I would suggest

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We were talking about childhood trauma at the conference dinner the other night. A senior Person just walked into the conversation when we one by one shared our stories. He later exclaimed that he’d never had such experience at any maths conference he’d been to. We told him that this is the new generation; this is what it should be like. We are all just human beings. If you can’t even talk about any personal feelings with the people you are seeing and working with for 10 days straight, (1/2)

Conferences are nice, not that I network properly but it’s nice to meet people and make friends.

Asked another person about this at the conference and they said “oh well you just find someone else”. Hmm, clearly that’s easier said than done. Finding the person I love and want to spend the rest of my life with was already very hard and it took me 25 years until I finally found one. At this stage of my life I don’t think maths is so important to me that I could just give them up with no hesitation.

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I’ve ranted about having to move countries before and it was only about the actual moving, but recently I’m all stressed again about having to move because I feel attached to a person who I can’t move with. The reason I can’t expect them to move with me or me making plans to be with them is because our relationship is vulnerable, which in fact is exactly because I always need to prepare to move. This is just a vicious cycle. I really don’t know how other academics reconcile with this issue.


Geometry is the user interface of Mathematics -- William Thurston

My favourite talk of this conference so far… by Professor Peter P. Palfy.

Key words: “in all rigour”, “cerebral archeology”

Conferences are nice… not that I understand much of the talks but exactly for that reason, during those talks I often have best-quality daydreaming… In the past two days I’ve solved two problems that I have been stuck on for two weeks…


Unless you don't commute, in which case you get the Division Ring Medal

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You get a Fields Medal when you are able to rid yourself of all your zero divisors.

Okay, I’ve decided, 4 o’clock in the morning is really my research happy hour.

First time watching IMU Award Ceremony… it is actually much more accessible and artistic than I expected… also somehow it makes me feel the sense and beauty of “humanity” in mathematics, which is surprising to me, given this is a subject often associated with cold facts not up to any individual opinions to the general public, and it is insanely competitive to all of us who are in this field. It is very much inspirational and heart-warming and it makes me wanna do more maths!!


Think Ill start a ‘trans for over 30s’ group

There is not much in terms of things for people in their 30s, especially something that *doesnt* involve alcohol etc

If you live in the Leeds area, in your 30s, trans & need a meet-up for yourself to meet others

Please boost & share so others can see & hopefully boost. I wanna get a gage on here as well as check a few other places & see if there are more folks who need something like this

#trans #supportnetwork #networking #boost #share #LGBTQIA

Friend: I don’t remember what he talked about but I remember it was a good talk.
Me: I think Person A and Person B gave the best two talks, but yeah I also don’t really remember what they talked about.
Friend: hmmm… does that make going to seminars and conferences pointless?
Me: No, surely not. It’s all about enjoy the moment.
Friend: That’s an insta story worthy quote.
Me: Yeah but people will think we are nuts for enjoying an academic abstract algebra talk moment.

Supervisor: There is a category for things that are useless to both the experts and laypeople... So yeah, always avoid those. In a lot of cases that could be done by avoiding all technical definitions for good. The key is to tell a good story.

So now before I write anything down in my slides I'd ask myself, who would benefit from this at all? And I think this has helped me make decisions when preparing for talks. (2/2)

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Have to give an 8-minute talk on my research area, so I decided to talk about maximal tori in finite groups of Lie type, thinking it is the most accessible thing I could talk about that's related to my current study. First round of feedback from nonalgebraists was crushing, so I simplified my slides furthermore and showed Supervisor. Got one of the most useful advice on giving talks to "general audience", which I will post in the next toot. (1/2)

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