Prediction: Personal plans are at their most impactful when they're understood as defaults instead of requirements, especially for otherwise unstructured days.

Inertia is powerful, both for good and ill. Schedule recurring social plans, day trips (even if it's to a coffee shop), times of rest, and the like, whatever makes for a fulfilling day. Not necessarily a productive day but the kind of day that leaves you feeling content and ready to fall asleep at the end.

And when opportunities and other surprises appear, you can embrace them! You can default to the remainder of your plan, if you want, or drop those plans to make room for what you would miss. Pay attention to which parts of your plans survive contact with disruptions because those may be your most valuable routines.

@jaycie This is an interesting thought. I'm going to try to see where it will take me..!

Thank you to everyone who patiently explains computer things. Everything is new to someone. Even simple things can be explained well. I’m really grateful to people who make this effort and publish information in a clear way. It means a lot to me and to many others.

@Chloeg An interesting idea. And rather successful, I think!

@SeventhMagpie It would remove one of those trivial annoyances that take up way more time and energy than they should, wouldn't it!

The demon looked around. There was a summoning sigil drawn in the ruddy sand, but nobody... It shifted its perception to the spiritual plane. Ah. A dust devil.
"Why hast thou-"
"A battery."
"A battery?" The demon looked around. "What need for a battery on Mars?"
"For our friend."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

@Giagia it's very familiar to me, but i don't get to spend prolonged periods in France any more, so I can't tell you how current it is.

@rosamundi Very necessary, as I recall. If you go to the Van Gogh Museum, there is a little oil sketch of Lazarus leaving the tomb that took my breath away.

i am once again asking events to stop unfolding until we've grappled with the events that have already unfolded.

@rosamundi For many years I had a winter coat with an internal pocket that would take a paperback. It almost always did, too!

@rosamundi That was An Adventure! Good to know you got there in the end. Have fun!

Why did nobody tell me about Consent-O-Matic? It's a browser extension that automatically clicks on GDPR consent dialogs to indicate that you do not consent to your data being shared. Available for all major browsers.

My #ActuallyAutistic internet friends and cohorts, I need some help. (BOOSTS encouraged)

I want to start regular exercise again.

Between the ASD and ADHD, I often have hard limits on both
* what I can achieve in a day
* how many uninteresting tasks I can accomplish

if(you exercise regularly && you have similar limits) I would VERY much like to know when in your day you exercise. Is it better early, when your tank is still full? Later, to wash away stresses? Comments & context welcome!

@Linda Maybe if you slightly greened the two browny-orange rocks in the foreground, it would help the lighthouse take focus a little more?

Calling someone who expects a living wage from their work “selfish” says more about you than it does about them.

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Advice requested from Apple users ...

@maxsnew is going to be giving a technical presentation and wants to give what amounts to a hand-written whiteboard talk, but using an iPad and Apple pencil.

What app would be the best choice?

Original thread here:

I can't help, I've never used Apple products, so please boost for reach ... thank you.

Google is not very helpful because algorithms can't understand English like people who speak it can, so: does anyone in the #sewing community here know how to get one's plain cup size (before the bra is made) from their bra size? bc I've heard e.g. a 32D uses the same cup as a 34C, 36B, and 38A
so what cup size would one order to make any of those bras?
#bramaking #clothing #fashion #cosplay (sorry for all the tags, just tryna find ppl who might know)

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