I've found the packaging from the yarn my husband dropped off for me to work on in quarantine last month..

Little beastie I found at the Jerónimos monastery in Belem, Lisbon. Painted in gouache.

Feeling a bit pleased with some £watercolours I finished today, using photos from an excavation in Egypt during the Twenties.

This is my current project - pinned out so I can track down the origin of an errant chain-space.

Really rather proud of this: "Leaving The Tyne, 1915" is going to be exhibited in Liverpool Cathedral as a part of "100 Hearts", the Embroiderers Guild commemoration of the end of the first world war.
And very much looking forward to seeing what others have done..

Struggling with this. Fun, though.. @karenshancock have you come across one of these?

So there was a pop-up yarn show in the village. Do I now need to invest in a ball-winder?

I'm really pleased with the success of my insane crossover of and . There is an immense satisfaction in seeing what was in "the inward eye" take form in reality.

Finished and sent off to the Guild to form part of the Exhibition commemorating the end of the First World War.

Dedicated to the memory of the men of the merchant fleet, and in particular the many immigrants and naturalised citizens who, sometimes in the face of xenophobic hostility, continued to serve their adopted country faithfully and well, and brought up their children to think of it as home.

In especial memory of my great grandfather Henry Frederick Bloom.

Now I've done version two of Tynemouth Priory, I have to decide which of the two to use in the finished piece. And how to make it work.

I'm testing my ideas for representing Tynemouth Priory in . The is only tacked on as the whole of the sky is going to be removed.

Experimenting with a snowball yarn. It's more interesting than you might think .

I'm finding that the chart for this pattern is making more and more sense as I use it. Isn't that pleasing! mathstodon.xyz/media/RR5WSW_OE

Today I have been working on the Robin kit my mother gave me for Christmas so I would learn .

I'm beginning to glue the Eve in the Garden of Eden box. Glue and months of careful hand embroidery make a truly terrifying combination!

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