Not the least of the challenges of talking an interest in early medieval England is that no two historians seem to agree on how to render the names. I've concluded that Oswy, Oswui, and Oswig refer to the same man, but he's one of the easy ones.
It makes it hard to use what you've learnt in one book as scaffolding for discoveries in the next...

@virtuosew enjoying imagining hissing out 'Oswui' as I give my talk at the annual conference of English medievalists, locking eyes with that charlatan who wrote it 'Oswy' in the title of the talk before mine. We both agree never to even talk to the duffers who persist in writing 'Oswig'

@christianp Well, the 'Oswig' is in a book by someone who's more interested in the Picts, so you probably wouldn't have to!

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