How many people does it take to track down a problem with a project? So far I am baffled, and so is my other half...

@virtuosew I haven't learned how to read crochet stitches yet. Is it inherently more difficult to read than knitting? I can usually figure out what the problem is with knitted work.

@JordiGH I can't knit, so I don't know, but somehow, a row that had the right number of stitches in it has bred a row with one too many, and as it it a fairly complex 4-row pattern with a varying increase, I'm beginning to consider just carrying on regardless!

@virtuosew I have left in so many errors in my work because I reason only an expert would notice it if they were looking carefully.

@JordiGH There's also the point that if Iwho made the mistake can't find it, no-one else, expert or not, has much of a chance! The pattern drapes nicely, and I'm not intending to enter any competitions, so I may just Carry On Regardless...!

But there's a bit of me that would like it to be correct, all the same!

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