The only international bombing effort that should be going on is water bombing of fires

Just wondering if I have read this correctly...

The USA (and friends) can not help with the Australian Bushfires unless invited as it is a sovereign nation but... They can enter Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and bomb them without any invitation?


Joy of living in the countryside #35

The helicopter outside doing laps for "fire ants" at 8:30 in the morning on a Saturday

Everyone who watches X-Files will know why this had to happen...

Everyone who watches X-Files will understand why this had to happen...

Joys of living in the countryside in Queensland.

A tractor with irrigator doing rows right now (almost midnight).

Fun, fun 😁

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I may be a mathematician, but I don't think I need to be to know that we can't treat finite resources as infinite

Although this might be slightly the wrong place, but does anyone know of a good reference for mixed models in statistics?

"Screwing around with code" == "Working to make the system more efficient with new features. Removing that bug that kept annoying you."

Here's to 20 years of screwing around with code. Also 21 years of using R...

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Studies show millennials are much more likely to be between the ages of 22 and 37

Tweet - Happy International Women in Mathematics Day! To Maths or Not to Maths,… 

This putting off marking for one task is not working... Its been three weeks since I started, it should be 4 hours

Still marking but today started seeing the end. Down to 30 reports and two documents... Soon the for research and programming

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