So its mid semester break and all I have to do is mark about 400 exam papers, 100 reports (from two courses), write class examples and solutions for another, do the data analysis for a paper on not giving students what they want and recode two modules.

Yeah "break"...

I have been accused of Bayesian interpretation...

Today I was giving back the assignments to the lecturer and sending my TeX so solutions could be completed...

Lecturer: What is this "pmatrix"?
Me: Oh that is in amsmath, it does a matrix with round brackets.
Lecturer: WHAT??!!! I have been doing that manually like a child!

Should I point out the wikibook with all my cheats?

Do numbers like \(12=3\times 4\) and \(56=7×8\) have a name? Are there any more?

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The Gramm-Schmit process.... Exactly what you think you do to turn a basis into an orthonormal basis.

I am starting to think the organisation of academics is fine, its the professional staff that are disorganised...

Case in point UQ's Office move. Supposed to get an e-mail on Monday. and move on Tuesday... Still waiting for that e-mail.

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Look, OK, you can't start Christmas festivities in early November because if you do that then Christmas lasts two months. That's a sixth of the time. Any given day is more likely to be Christmas than Wednesday. That's not special.

This value is the proportion of generalists in the population when the species first started

(that being a negative proportion)

For every zero decade or at zero decade, there's a decrease of 0.9651161 for the proportion of generalist species

It is the slope estimate, also the coefficient of age in the regression equation

Briefly interpret the value 0.0007767 in the regression output:

This value means that when the decade is 0.0007767, the proportion generalist is equal to zero.

The value means that for decades there is a 0.0007767 difference in butterflies as compared to years inbetween the decades

Exam marking has started, so obviously time to live toot the weird ass answers to the regression question...

So I asked for feedback on some work that was forced upon us....

Now I feel like such a failure

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