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> I got a copyright infringement takedown because larger brand that copied my concept and blatantly stole my images filed it against me (the original creator).

> The image they claimed was theirs is literally a photo of me.

> That I took of myself.

> Wearing my product I invented.…

The latest statistical consulting publication...

Genotypic variation in cardinal temperatures and thermal time for germination and seedling emergence of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millsp.) Mahen (

This was last Friday in the carpark of UQ Gatton before I went home... Apparently the situation has got worse (its actually flooding now).

Meanwhile I am in the next town over with all the roads blocked.

Back to work from home...😁

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#til about which is a streaming service that is ad and fee free, and you can sign in with your public library card or through your university (if they're connected)

The latest paper from the statistical consulting....

Herbicide Options to Control Naturalised Infestations of Cereus uruguayanus in Rangeland Environments of Australia via

The University of Queensland's "E-mail for Life" is being retired in December for Alumni.

Reasons for the change include a simplified login experience for students. Because you know its so hard to remember two different logins.... Or to use a password manager

More annoyingly there are two bad points:
1. Microsoft seems to be taking over more than before
2. The students will now be able to see staff calendars....😱

Its been over 20 years since I last tried to write an equation in Microsoft Word. As I remember it crashed at the time and I went to Lotus Wordpro that has a TeX editor.

Well I see nothing has changed as Word just crashed while trying to edit an equation on a collaborator's work.

I have been using LaTeX now for so long I forgot things like this happen.

Once again I find myself crying out that the Institute of Teaching and Learning Innovation at UQ had some sense and added Numbas to the LTIs. I mean come on, when your RiPPLE system can not let me put a matrix in you can't use it for maths!

Stallman (RMS) is on matrix... Well that would be logical

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If you are at all involved in Freenode IRC, you need to read this thread. Even if you don't act, you need to be aware of the issues:

It seems my non lethal mouse trap became lethal by not being home for a couple of days... At least that one is not coming back.

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A quick question ... not scientific, I know it will be full of selection bias, etc., but I'd be interested in people's answers here. If you can take 30 seconds or so I'd be grateful.


I'd also be grateful if people could boost this to get outside my bubble.


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2021 is the product of a pair of cousin primes (two prime numbers that differ by 4): 2021 = 43 x 47.

The next year when this happens again is Year 4757 = 67 x 71.

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I am sure someone has posted this already but in my true mathematical geeky side....

2021 is not prime :(
It is the product of two consecutive primes :)
(43 and 47)
It only has 4 divisors. For some reason that makes me happy, well in a mathematical sense.

Yes, New Years Eve suddenly made me work this out...

Mathematicians: No 300 data points is not enough to fit a neural network.

This week:
Soil Scientist: I would like to fit an ANN and CNN with this 60 point data set. And a different network for these response variables.

Mathematician (me): you would be better with regression.

I mean I know its possible but still...

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I think we need to start a campaign to have more open access government databases. At least then we could keep the mainstream media in check...

Of course we also would know what the government was up to, so it will never happen.

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‘Zoom is malware’: why experts worry about the video conferencing platform

Let's be clear. The lack of focus on privacy and security, while a typical silicon valley flaw, was a choice of profit over security.

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