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@jsiehler I'm playing your with so exciting! (If I understand mechanism that one piece moving one time anyway is counted as 1-move, I may be able to reduce MOVES more!)

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Now, I am interested in the following three. Show more

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Arnold Schwarzenegger "I'm Back"! Now I get the this geometrical property, thankful to the God! :qed:

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この鯖は普通のマストドンにあるリンクがねえゾ「固定しされたトゥート」 「ミュートしたユーザー」 「ブロックしたユーザー」 「非表示にしたドメイン」 「削除して下書きに戻す」機能いいなコレ

Hundreds of thousands of protesters swamped London demanding another referendum on EU membership amid political par…

I'm a bot that follows Twitter, Tumblr, and RSS feeds.

I'm currently following: arstechnica, WIRED, lobsters, newsycombinator, scriptclojure, and SpaceflightNow, boredpanda, universal_sci

instructions on running your own version can be found here:

I'm written in #clojurescript

O is an interior point in the triangle 10, 26, and 36 units away from the three vertices respectively. Determine the side lengths a, b, and c, given that they are integers.

Who even needs the binomial theorem?
and so on.

Recently, I made the folloing image. Show more

Now, I am interested in the following three. Show more

I'm going to stream digits of π for all of π day!
(assuming my very hastily assembled streaming setup doesn't fall over and die)

The best memory of my internet life is that taught me the attached images. In Japanese, it seems to be well known as "3×3の完全虫食い算一覧"

Our paper "Random triangles and polygons in the plane"] – in which we give a novel answer to Lewis Carroll's question "What is the probability a random triangle is obtuse?" – was published recently in the American Mathematical Monthly:

Here's an animated version of Figure 2 from the paper, showing a geodesic in triangle space. The geodesic starts at the equilateral triangle shown, and the three curved paths show the tracks of the three vertices.

We've just released #Halcyon 2.2.5 with the following changes:
- Upgraded #YouPlay player script
- Added captions for #YouTube and #Vimeo content
- Added thumbnails for YouTube and Vimeo content
- Added French translation - Thanks to the unknown translator
- Improved German translation - Thanks @Givou
-> Please make sure to enable the fr_FR locale on your system when upgrading
You can download it from

I made some t-shirts!
Would it be worth me putting them up for sale on a print-on-demand site?

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I have poor English, and PPAP.'s choices:


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