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@JordiGH Considering that Schulz was a Methodist Sunday school teacher at one point, it's perhaps a deliberate error.

I hate that the phrase "doing your own research" is getting ruined for autodidacts like me.

@jsiehler The problem generally happens with even exponents; you'll also be asking the same question about (y + x)^4.

@jsiehler "before" comes after "after" alphabetically, too, so we have some semblance of consistency. ;)

@acciomath I usually interpret it as the use of the "royal we" by (usually) not very royal researchers. ;)

@Lordimpala but I don't want it to get all bent up; then, I'd have to wave good-bye to it...

I just got the molecular modeling kit I ordered in the mail. To test it out, I made a buckyball:

@fribbledom there's also the old joke "flying is easy; landing in one piece is what's difficult".

On badly done visual novels 

@yuki so, what are your feelings on unskippable cut-scenes? ;)

@jsiehler if you show them enough pictures, you might get away with it.

@christianp That said, we often do switch between saying \(x\in(1,3]\) and \(1<x\le 3\).

@christianp when I have to discuss intervals with other people I'm writing code with. Sometimes I still get thrown off by my French colleague using Bourbaki's \(]1,3]\).

sexual innuendos, geeks 

@yuki "push it into my git, baby" doesn't quite evoke sensuality for me, but I guess different strokes and all that ;D

@JordiGH Apparently Wiki calls them "bilingual tautological expressions" (, but I haven't seen that expression anywhere else, either. (My personal favorite is "rice paddy", which sometimes gets expanded further to "rice paddy field".)

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