@JordiGH yes, I tend to use "chanbara" only because it's shorter and I'm lazy. :)

@JordiGH ah, should've defined those first. "Seiyuu" (γ€Œε£°ε„ͺ」) is literally "voice actor", but in the English context, shorthand for "Japanese voice actor". "Chanbara" is discussed here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samurai_

@JordiGH right, that one was engineered from the get-go, even more so since the seiyuu who voice the main characters also sing the theme. In general, if any of the songs are sung by the cast, then the song is usually thematically relevant. (Using another example: for Kaguya-sama, one of the insert songs is silly because the character singing it is silly.)

@JordiGH @yuki songs about feelings are not uncommon (especially in e.g. enka), but anison does tell a story sometimes. As an example, Kageyama Hironobu's anison entries are almost always thematically on point (e.g. animelyrics.com/anime/dbz/dbzc) ;)

@JordiGH sometimes the OP/ED songs fits thematically because the artiste worked closely with the production committee, e.g. Gintama, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tokyo Ghoul. And then you have the case where a certain prominent chanbara's OP theme is a lyrically dissonant song about a bad break-up. ;)

@JordiGH as @yuki already noted, if you consider that a lot of anime series are but ads for the original work (manga, LN, etc.), then it makes sense that it can also be a vehicle for promoting the latest band that caught the production committee's (or just the sound director, in some cases) fancy.

@christianp I don't recall anyone ever naming a geometric object with something ending in "-oidoid", but is that enough of a barrier? ;D

@christianp nephroids happen if parallel rays (which sunlight can be effectively assumed to be such) strike a circular reflective surface. If the light is hitting the round part of the sink in your picture, then I guess that might be a nephroid arc.

I await the day where a mathematical paper is extensively using emoji.


@JordiGH @acciomath sure, but whether it is (super?) effective is sometimes up for debate


@acciomath at the very least, you now see that even ~4 years of college does not suffice to have mastery of a subject. At best, it just shows you the ropes, sometimes in excruciating detail.

I was able to find my old code for plotting the Wente torus (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wente_to) in Mathematica again, after losing it in a disk failure. It's really nice to see it again.

counting sheep 

@JordiGH indeed, it is a (disguised) three-term recurrence. I'm not a mental math guy, so I would do it on paper (if I wasn't on a computer) where I can always look at the last two convergents to make the next one.

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