@JordiGH alternatively, you could say you're "chronologically advanced" or "temporally enhanced"...

@JordiGH just checking, have you already noticed that you are following 666 accounts?

I don't remember anymore if I had shared this WebGL thing I made showing a Newton-Raphson fractal on the Riemann sphere here: shadertoy.com/view/wtXGDB

@mjd I remember upvoting that answer in math.SE when it first appeared. You being proud of it is more than justified!

@JordiGH while watching this interview of MWAM's Jean-Ken Johnny: youtu.be/kR4Hj5aMzDA I was reminded of you asking about how to handle headphones.

firefox, linebreaking 

@pkra @baldur looks like a ligature problem; note that the one in "hopefully" doesn't have that artifact. (Also, probably one of the times "WTF" can also mean "what's that f?" ;D)

@jsiehler you could say that when drawing tori, you do, or you donut...

@jsiehler I guess 1 out of 12 pertinent recommendations isn't too terrible.

@JordiGH This must be the "just-in-time" thing those beancounters keep crowing about... ;D

@icecolbeveridge best wishes to you, and may you have more weeks of offering quick mathematical assistance.

@JordiGH from these responses, perhaps it's fair to say that a good number of people are ignorant about how to properly use the word "ignorant". ;)

@apocheir @christianp I wrote about the notational thicket for Legendre-Jacobi elliptic integrals a long time ago: math.stackexchange.com/a/10865 . As for hypergeometric functions, I personally prefer \({}_2 F_1\left({{a,b}\atop{c}}\middle| z\right)\) to \({}_2 F_1\left(a,b;c;z\right)\) because I don't have to count to where the semicolon is (among other reasons), which becomes even more important for the general case \({}_p F_q\).

@christianp unless one has a way of validating location inputs, what would stop someone from saying they're in Antarctica, Ultima Thule, or Duchy of Grand Fenwick? ;)

@ZevenKorian sometimes, authors get away with "where the details are left to the reader"

@JordiGH Would it be correct to refer to this cat as a "lap-tabby"? :)

@jsiehler the stuff I wanted to mention was already mentioned, so I'd put in the bifurcation diagram for the logistic map.

Since @esoterica recently tooted an article about envelopes, here's one of my favorites, showing that the nephroid can be considered as either an envelope of lines or an envelope of circles:

@JordiGH @yuki "Prickles" would have been a cute name, but "Spike" and "Hammer" are perfectly reasonable.

@JordiGH I always have to use the modifier "Peppermint", because I otherwise confuse her with the other character named Patty (who admittedly made much less appearances over the years).

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