Since @esoterica recently tooted an article about envelopes, here's one of my favorites, showing that the nephroid can be considered as either an envelope of lines or an envelope of circles:

I just got the molecular modeling kit I ordered in the mail. To test it out, I made a buckyball:

I got my second shot of the Pfizer vaccine today (despite multiple factors that seemed bent on preventing me from getting to the hospital). I'm sure I'll be knocked flat for the next few days, so I tried to do what I can with this project I'm doing involving weird peptides.

I thought it was time to change my avatar, so here's another one of my experiments with polyhedra:

0xDE's recent toot on cavatappi-like surfaces reminded me of a helical surface I devised a few years ago that had ridges on it. I thought it might be a good way to test the new surface-styling features of the recently released Mathematica 12.3...

I was playing around with the blancmange/Takagi function (, thanks to a recent posting by @esoterica. I particularly liked this 3D version.

...and this is a slight modification of the function I previously plotted.

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I had the thought that visualizing the Padua points ( in the complex plane would lead to nice-looking domain coloring plots. I was not disappointed.

Every once in a while, you see interesting sequences of events in your timeline (c.c. @ColinTheMathmo, @marianom):

I did not know until today that you can build a diamond structure solely from integer lattice points.

Since @11011110 recently boosted that Lloyd toot I made a while back, I should also state that Lloyd's algorithm also looks mesmerizing when done on a sphere.

I'm on a domain coloring kick again. Elliptic functions tend to make for interesting patterns.

Someone wanted "a hole in a hole in a hole", so I thought I'd do something in Mathematica. (log-sum-exp ( is pretty handy for making "chimeric" surfaces.)

Though your heart may be broken and patched many times over, one should still be open to receiving love. Happy Valentine's Day.

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