This is the (co)end, my only (co)friend
Article by Loregian, Fosco
In collection: Attention-grabbing titles
The present note is a recollection of the most striking and useful applications of co/end calculus. We put a considerable effort in making arguments and constructions rather explicit: after having given a series of preliminary definitions, we...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

Puzzle of the day: find a number that is a perfect square with exactly 300 times the digit 1 and where all other digits are 0.

I'll answer to the toot and give a solution there.

me doing math and not worrying about when it's due: haha love to learn about these funky little numbers
me when i remember the deadlines: ah fuck the numbers contain depression

To ask is a temporary shame, not to ask a life-long shame -- Japanese proverb

time to crack on with some more EGA proofreading :qed:


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