pressing a little button hanging by my bed that says "SAVE AND QUIT" and falling asleep instantly

Going to start calling eggplants aubergines so people know that I'm fluent in the name of a single vegetable in French


Katie Bouman led the creation of an algorithm that helped capture the first ever image of a black hole. We asked her what this breakthrough means for science. For more reaction from other scientists, visit our YouTube channel:


You, dumb: there are infinitely many primes.
The GAP System for Computational Discrete Algebra:

In cowboy times a man had to carry its house around on its back and avoid salt

GeometrieWerkstatt Gallery:

A collection of weirdly-shaped mathematical surfaces, mostly of constant mean curvature.

"Remember: If it's not ISO 8601, it's not a date, it's just hanging out"

"You know how the \hat command in LaTeΧ puts a caret above a letter? ... Well I was thinking it would be funny if someone made a package that made the \hat command put a picture of an actual hat on the symbol instead?"

And then Matthew Scroggs and Adam Townsend went ahead and did it.

Package at, behind-the-scenes commentary at

set theorists: it's phi because it stands for phroposition

A blog entry about the O(n · log n) integer multiplication algorithm, much smaller than the actual paper:

Q: What's yellow, linear, normed, and complete? A: A Bananach space.

The possibility of future life making use of the rotational energy of black holes needs a catchy name. I suggest: rotosynthesis.

Industry is just a conspiracy by the industry industry to sell more industry

tfw you meant to change the scale factor but instead changed the number of iterations for the exponentially-growing algorithm

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