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Looks like the Taler website got updated at the annual meeting, too:

Looks much better already.

What do we want?

Lazy evaluation!

When do we want it?

Only when it is needed!!!!

The worst is when you're stressed about math and finally force yourself to go to bed, but you do math in your sleep all night 😞

What's written: WLOG

My brain: without loss of generality

Also my brain: wuh-log

The SIGACT Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science is planning a Wikipedia edit-a-thon, in Phoenix on June 24 as part of STOC: see

You can help, and you don't even have to brave the desert heat to do so! There's a shared spreadsheet linked from where CATCS is crowdsourcing TCS topics on Wikipedia that need help. Add your favorite missing algorithm, theorem, complexity class, etc, and it's likely it'll get some attention.

Added an option to view the edges of the tetrahedra in our Cannon-Thurston map explorer. This should make it easier to (eventually) explain a bit how the images are generated.

GitHub - penrose/penrose: Create beautiful diagrams just by typing mathematical notation in plain text.

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People who use the notation \((a,b)\) for the gcd of a and b: I bet you're the kind of people who take up an extra seat on the bus with your bag

A little house sits atop a rise in the middle of a wide prarie.
A rumbling, thudding sound is heard overhead: a gigantic black military helicopter, bristling with sensors and weapons, descends out of the clouds.
The helicopter drops rapidly, seeming to be about to crash, but then pulls up at the last moment and comes to a complete stop in midair, directly in front of the house.
Slowly, gingerly, it extends its in-flight refuelling probe towards the hummingbird feeder hanging from the porch.

how math is presented: "this knowledge came fully formed out of someone's head at the same pace that you are reading it"

how math is done: "this person became obsessed with a problem, worked on it for anywhere between a week and their entire lifetime, and finally produced a very messy version of this knowledge which was later refined and expanded by other mathematicians"

David Spivak (category theorist) has some spicy opinions about set theory:

- "If you wanted to, you could model the real numbers as sets and derive all of analysis in terms of set theory, but why bother?"

- "I have to say 'class' here instead of 'set' because some of you will ask 'but is there really a set of all sets?' The answer is 'no', but if you're concerned about that, it's because you've been trained to be concerned about it and not because it's actually something worth worrying about."

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