name advice wanted plese Jo, depending on how you spell it. Jesse. Joey (I've met folks of many genders with this name, though folks often assume it to be masc).

a year and a half into my phd, i still forget that "open" and "closed" aren't opposites.

i hate this convention

One of the most soul-crushing aspects of is reading the line "it is commonly known that..." in a proof and not knowing what the hell they're talking about

alright, 3 more hours and I can turn this midterm in

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Have I mentioned lately I hate measure theory?

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@christianp @stripey And if they engage in such relationships with more than one person at the same time, they're polymath groupies.

... Thank you for attending my TED Talk, I'll show myself out.

@christianp Not really, but it's exactly what you've imagined: people who are in love with/engage in romantic/sexual/admiring relationships with people who are good at math (however you want to define goodness)

Is it great british baking show if you don't develop a crush on one of the contestants each season?

just found out math groupies exist and I'm upset

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Mental Health PSA 

Attention fellow Mastodonians with Bipolar Disorder, sleep disorders, and depression!

Even though we’re gaining an hour, Daylight Savings Time is notorious for triggering mania, increasing symptoms of depression, and making it significantly harder for people to hit their natural sleep rhythms. Be aware that there may be an adjustment period as you settle in to your new schedule and please be gentle with yourself as you adjust! 💜💜💜

Just thought of an amazing Halloween costume on NOVEMBER 4th:

Compost Malone

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im back mastofriends

still sad // still mathy // still queer

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Cannot wait to get on-line and produce content.

anxious thoughts (thots?) 

I hate tests I hate test I hate tests I hate tests I hate tests I hate tests

I really don't want to do this and I'm so scared of failing and I just hate everything

@ColinTheMathmo If they need culling? I feel like I'm missing something. Have there been issues with problematic toots?

It's been a while since I've been on masto. Looks like a lot of new users! My federated timeline keeps updating like crazy

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