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if you can't handle me at my \(\aleph_0\) then you don't deserve me at my \(2^{\aleph_0}\)

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test post boost to ignore

One more exam to go, and then I'm free. Now if only I could develop some motivation...

suddenly remembered that I'm getting my next tattoo in like 3 days... it's amazing what a little stress can make you forget!

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On this exam, you can approach a perfect score, but you can never reach it.

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a mathematician enters a bar shaped like a klein bottle. it's empty, and the bartender is weeping.

"what seems to be the matter, barkeep?"

"the law doesn't let people have drinks outside the bar"

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I wish people (myself included) had a more natural inclination for niceness. I don't mean that people aren't nice, but I feel like it's something that you have to work at and develop. And I wish it were just something instinctual? idk

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over a long enough time period, a sufficiently large group of nerds will end up talking about thinkpads

I've got all of today to study for my asymptotics exam tomorrow... let's hope I can do this!

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canon disaster lesbian representation

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New hobby: see what new and terrifying errors matlab will generate due to your hot mess of code

The housemate has now removed all their pots and pans from the kitchen, after expressly requesting that we don't bring any of our own when we move in. Well, guess I'll be having cold breakfast. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

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Happy Friday, fediverse.

Always take a moment to appreciate the heavy lifting.

Working to be a better person and trying to contribute something positive to the community around is hard, often thankless work. It's not an accident that that is the type of work that pushes a culture forward. The stuff you do when no one is looking.

Take pride in the fact you are doing the work. It's not easy.

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S/O to all the researchers and creatives who work their way through the truly lackluster phases of early technology. Your enthusiasm pushes the limits and makes things better for the rest of us.

My housemate is so ridiculous. She doesn't like how we wash the pans, so her solution has been to store all her pans in her room and bring them out as needed

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First she conquers your notifications

Then she conquers the wHOLE FUCKING GALAXY

I'm reading The Sympathizer and holy cow it is so good. I recommend it to everyone ever

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the kind of research that is *not* exciting at all and will go wrong in every possible way Show more

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