If you just have 12 periods of 1 hour to teach, what would you teach? What is the most important content teachers should teach to secondary students?

I have 12 hours to teach to my adult students (no more). In january, I will finish this period and in february I will teach another 12 periods of time. So I need to improve it because what I taught I have a presentiment it is not to be *the most important* in mathematics: thinking and reasoning about facts (math or real).

I attend to "How to Make Math More Like Video Games" by Raj Shah [grassrootsworkshops.com/worksh]. My aim is to transform something like this $\frac{3}{5} - \frac{1}{5}$ to this (picture). I'm thinking how to transform complex operations like $3 \frac{2}{5} - 2 \frac{1}{3}$.

Does anyone know how to set up a face headset microphone + some bluetooth speaker? In classrooms with face mask some students will not hear me very well. @Gina perhaps know some. Thanks in advance, I also searched for transparent face mask for deaf people but I don't know the level of protection of such masks rather than aproved by Governements. How do you set up for next classes in the season 2020-2021?


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