Show newer Maybe “verdura”?

another linguistics meme, silly Also some varieties of Italian, I just remembered (I heard about this from a native of Ancona, but don’t remember if she was describing her hometown dialect or a different one).

linguistics meme, silly This, but with sentence-final “ne” in Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. The closest that comes to mind is an essay titled “Who Flang That Ball?”.

@Anaphory As must be obvious to you, my first thought was that this is Tolkien fanfic.

@esoterica Hi! This link is broken (I think I've pointed this out before).

Sir Thomas Urquhart was a 17th-century Scottish eccentric who tried to systematize a new language for trigonometry; the law of sines was abbreviated as “eproso”, which (if you know the system) encapsulates its meaning.


I literally cannot wait to dig into this!! It's what I've been wanting!

learning friggin Kurmancî 

@elilla Is the image “sensitive content” because it might make the rest of us jealous?

A color contrast checker that offers alternatives if your color combination has not enough contrast. It would be cool to chose if you want to change background or foreground though but it's still very nice to get suggestions

kanji ideology and minority speakers (1/?) Huh, I always thought it was "mechakucha".

petty thoughts born out of exhaustion Devoiced vowels still have formants! They may be harder to hear, but they can be heard.

Challenge for applied category theory: build a ronavirus, so that the world can be sane again.


#DataVisualization can help us make sense of and teach about the coronavirus, but the stakes are high. has 10 considerations to help you #VizResponsibly:


@Anaphory Have you read Liu’s novel “The Three Body Problem”? It likewise relies on a deus ex machina, though is otherwise quite thought-provoking. Who's Thorfinn Kárlsefni?

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