A few days ago, my coworker @sjockers@twitter.com told me that you can MOVE the screenshot selection – Command+Shift+4 – when you keep SPACE pressed on a Mac. I'm still blown away by that.

lots of people discussing cultural norms without defining their cultural vector space

Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols
Web page by Jeff Miller
In collections: History, Notation and conventions
These pages show the names of the individuals who first used various common mathematical symbols, and the dates the symbols first appeared. The most important written source is the definitive A History of Mathematical Notations by...
URL: jeff560.tripod.com/mathsym.htm
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What are your favorite tiny tools when working with data?

Here are three examples:
ucbvislab.github.io/d3-deconst to get the data out of d3 visualizations
shancarter.github.io/mr-data-c convert CSV to JSON
countries.zeto.io input country name, output country codes (by @zeto@twitter.com)

This is fun! typing game! My PB so far is 36, what's yours?


Yesterday, I played a game of Dialect with @skalyan and two other people in the Guild in Canberra. We narrated the story and language of the bots in charge of maintaining and preserving Waste-/Land, a nature reserve/hazard waste dump planet long forgotten by humanity. The game worked really well (I think it deserves its ENnie nomination), apart from the fact that we were not good at streamlined Conversation framing and resolution, but that can be improved by re-reading the rules.

Leiden wall formulas: muurformules.nl/

The last time I was in Leiden they were decorating the exterior walls of all their buildings with poems of many different languages. Now they've moved on to the language of mathematics.

For those who haven't heard of en_DK before, it's the "European English" (for want of a better description) locale.

It uses Commonwealth English (en_GB) for strings and ISO-14651-1 for collates.
Dates are in YYYY-MM-DD, time is in 24h HH:MM format, Monday is the first day of the week, comma is the decimal separator, currency is euro and standard paper size is A4.

Crayola had a line of tech-themed crayons in 1997 called "Techno-Brite"

“Sans Forgetica is a downloadable font that is scientifically designed to help you remember your study notes.”


More like good and bad things are dual to each other: good, a.k.a. co-bad, things are bad in the opposite category; and vice versa, bad, a.k.a. co-good, things are good in the opposite category.
The exact definition of good/bad things may be obtained as the limit of a weird diagram, or via an adjunction to a trivial functor.
See e.g. this [123] proprietary textbook, or these [456, 789] seminal paywalled papers.

New entry!
Proposal to Encode the Ganda Currency Mark for Bengali in ISO/IEC 10646
Web page by Anshuman Pandey
In collection: Notation and conventions
This is a proposal to encode the Bengali Ganda mark as part of the Bengali script in the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) of the Universal Character Set (UCS) (ISO/IEC 10646). The...
URL: unicode.org/L2/L2007/07192r-be
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Spontaneous knotting of an agitated string.
Article by Raymer, Dorian M and Smith, Douglas E
In collection: Easily explained
It is well known that a jostled string tends to become knotted; yet the factors governing the "spontaneous" formation of various knots are unclear. We performed experiments in which a string was...
URL: pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articler
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Hi, newly joined twitter emigrant!😅

I live and work in Chicago, IL, USA. I am a software engineer with a background in philosophy and mathematics. I still study mathematical logic, category theory, and random topics around algebra in my spare time, in addition to any programming technologies I need on the job. ❤️ reading fiction and economics as well. I'd like to improve my Spanish and learn Chinese too, in my ample spare time #introduction

Hello, I'm a #mathematics grad student. I study #categorytheory and #network theory with applications in operations research. I'd much rather be applying it to ecological networks though. #introduction

Hey y'all, I'm a postdoc in #mathematics. I study #topology #categorytheory #homotopytheory and the scary sounding ∞-categories! Also excited about increasing representation in mathematics of trans people, women and people of color. Also involved in setting up the #postdoc #union here at the University of Washington. Currently located in #seattle but will probably be relocating in the next year because that's #postdoclife. #introduction

To Dissect a Mockingbird: A Graphical Notation for the Lambda Calculus with Animated Reduction
Web page by David C Keenan
In collections: Animals, Basically computer science
The lambda calculus, and the closely related theory of combinators, are important in the foundations of mathematics, logic and computer science. This paper provides an informal and entertaining introduction by means of...
URL: dkeenan.com/Lambda/index.htm
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