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I'm a former academic (philosophy) and currently a stay at home dad. I'm a self taught programmer and data nerd. Interested in history, science, maths. Most of my posts will be about gardening, dumb jokes, indie video games, science fiction, programming languages, philosophy and parenting. Also I will regularly make fun of crypto.


You know what they say? Tuesday is Belgian single malt day.

They don't say that? Huh OK. Well. I'm still drinking this.

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I heard there was a secret glitch
That David showed his fans on Twitch
But you don't really care for speedruns do ya?
It goes like this--sprint forth, step back,
The double jump, the strong attack,
The baffled physics passing walls right through ya

I gave blood today and, if you can, you should too.

For this month only, the "s" in Scmbradley stands for "spoooooky".

An issue tracker where you can assign each issue a wolfenstein difficulty rating. Like, instead of "good first issue" it's "can I play, daddy"

Cast John de Lancie as Q in the next bond movie you cowards

Oh great, I'm so pleased this game implemented a keyboard themselves rather than using the console's keyboard, said no gamer ever.

17 condiments RANKED! you'll never guess where lime pickle is!

Soup is just a method for administering hot wet bread.

Google should lean in to canceling services people like and just shut down Gmail.

If you don't look at your phone for 24 hours I'll give you x dollars. What's the smallest x you accept?

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“I was happy to let people remix and reuse my photos for non-commercial use with attribution, but that’s not how they were used. Instead, academic researchers took the work of millions of people, stripped it of attribution against its license terms, and redistributed it to thousands of groups, including corporations, military agencies, and law enforcement”


Liz Truss looks set to deliver deliver deliver a labour landslide.

I only have one more easy exercise left for the python track on exercism, then I have to tackle medium. I think my "exercises per week" numbers might suffer.


With Johnson, there was always some scandal or other, but it felt like each scandal was distracting from the last one, and they were doing all kinds of nefarious deeds while the commentariat was distracted.

But with Truss? It's just as (if not more) disastrous, but it really feels like it's mostly just incompetence. It's somehow reassuring.


So is there some rule that like, if two PMs lose confidence votes in the same parliament, it triggers a general election? Because if they all stab Truss in the back (seems likely?) we surely can't just have *another* unelected PM?

Another idea for a social media site. It's completely algorithm based, but you only see posts that are at least a week old and there's no newness bias in the algorithm. So the longer it goes on, it just keeps throwing out all sorts of old posts. There's no Discourse, no pile ons, because no one will see your dunk for a week, and we've all moved on.

I may soon be Spending Money on a new split keyboard and rollerball mouse. Ideally open source firmware, built for repair etc etc.

Recommend me products!

Boosts welcome.

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