@JordiGH I had a similar situation. Turns out there are military archives, pretty detailed sometimes...
Just ring some phones and you'll be scattered towards the right one.

@JordiGH I had read it but hadn't spotted you as I quickly jumped over the list. Well done I think!

@fribbledom I always make this point and then there is silence. Which nobody enjoys, but...

@sssreda@mastodon.social Hijos de puta!

Advice For moving to Canada; MH mention 

@lapis +1 for uni clubs/associations. In my experience, not only you will have a great time, but also you will find people who will help you when you need it. You'll be great!

@JordiGH :)!!
You should have received an electronic letter :)

@JordiGH Well... I have never received a letter from Canada and I would very gladly receive one! :)

@sssreda@mastodon.social well done, keep your head up :)

@JordiGH I speak Castilian, Galician and used to be relatively fluent on Catalonian. 1/2 of my family speaks Extremaduran, and some others Andalusian, despite a branch of the family coming from the Basque Country.
I have never ever heard "bacalado"!!
I have only heard such things as having fun of people who, unlike the majority, stress the -do/a way too much.

@xiroux @jon_valdes @InvaderXan
Oooh yeah, had that too! That's indeed crazy but great for the house to cool down :P

Sadly, daily temperature total difference is greatly decreasing due to greenhouse effect gases in the atmosphere: minimum temps are rising, the Earth doesn't irradiate IR light during nights as it gets partly reflected/trapped in the gases. Mean min temp rise is actually one of the main indicators.

@jon_valdes @InvaderXan @xiroux And some particular spots in mountains can get as low as -30 deg C! That's a delta of around 70 degrees for a not so large country, one can think about this in terms of adaptation (who or what lives where and when).

@evilscientistca Yes, it's awesome!! I've recommended it to so many people :)
Also, I started watching it when I first began to realize I loved physics, at about 16yo.

@sssreda@mastodon.social I can only add Brayan Estalin, son of a communist dad and a mom who liked the US.

@sssreda@mastodon.social That plus "enlairament" for "takeoff" ("despegue") make up my faves in Cat.

Catalonian: desenvolupament :)

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