This semester 

So grades are mostly out. It's really weird for me getting average/below average results :/. I tried too, pretty much as hard as I could.

Probably f'd my grad school chances, which sucks. But I was kinda reconsidering that path anyway?

I'm pretty lucky, so not really worried about my future insofar as money or anything. Just... idk.


This semester 

Last time I felt like this is at the end of 6 months of fairly intense chess practice, in which I went up like 100 points from 1400-1500.

Feels bad, almost wish I hadn't studied so atleast I'd have ego shielding plausible deniability.

This semester 

On the other hand, I finally learnt to draw, and that went really well.

Plus, it's sort of humbling. Earlier in undergrad I was a bit bratty in em and optics, because stuff just came to me easily and I was getting double the class average easily.

I kinda just used to figure others just didn't belong or were lazy, never explicitly, but I did implicitly think that. Sorta went away after I studied with someone I'd thought of that way last sem and she saw stuff I mostly didnt...

This semester 

But yea, that's gone away. I suspect the lazy college student caricature has even less basis in fact then most people imagine.

My roommate last year used to play games most of the day, mostly cause that's the only way for him to socialise with his friends elsewhere...

Yea, lots of people I need to apologize to, thank the gods I was civil enough to never be particularly mean.

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