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covid19, impfung 

Huzzah! Beide haben erste Dosis! 🤩

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bonn, spielplätze

W. T. F.

Schon wieder. Der einzige halbwegs brauchbare Spielplatz weit und breit.

If you know an iOS developer who would like to be paid to work full time on well established and well funded free software, Element is hiring!

🔃 Boosts welcome!

mathjax, dev + 

me: "the over/under scripts around arrows have a regression"
devs: "let me fix the minus"
me: "waiwut?"
devs: "try it now"
me: "yay, all fixed"

I feel like I know quite a bit about equation layout but every once in a while I'm just happily confused.

Today the students from our first iteration of "Sketching with Hardware" are presenting their projects! First one is a sweets wending machine with NFC ✨

prototyping, web, lol 

Literally making myself laugh by doing something like

document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(...).

a lot while prototyping (to turn some plain text into something fancier).

ancient developer saying 

When one bug closes, another bug opens.

"ComicA11y" by Paul Spencer

This is a really interesting experiment. One of the best things about computers versus paper is that we can make the reading experience adapted to the end-user. So it's a bit sad that we mostly ended up posting screenshots to each other.


So I guess the following possibly maybe sort of works?

import { getBabelOutputPlugin } from '@rollup/plugin-babel';

export default {
input: 'blub.js',
plugins: [
presets: ['@babel/preset-env'],
allowAllFormats: true
output: { file: './assets/js/blab.js', format: 'iife' },

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"What would a privacy curriculum for future developers look like?" by Heather Burns

The software industry has been minting new developers at a mad pace. Things like privacy, security, accessibility, and performance often get tossed by the wayside. I think (and hope) that in the future, stuff like this will be part of the core curriculum.

Du bist Entwickler*in, kennst dich mit #Python und Linux aus und interessierst dich für #Bürgerrechte und #Digitalpolitik? Dann werde Teil unseres #AppChecker-Teams!

accessibility, web dev 

Current strategy: file bugs with AT then waitand see if the devs tell me what I'm doing is a terrible idea. 🤷


How isn't there a simple ESM to IE11 tool? I don't care what you need under the hood, just take my JS and spit something out.

Once everyone is vaccinated I’m putting “hug someone” back on my todo list.


WOW! FPV drone footage at the volcanic eruption in Fagradalsfjall Iceland. Definitely watch to the end.


Wir suchen für mehrere SAMSUNG B2240EW-Displays (etwas über 5 kg schwer) passende Standfüße (VESA MIS-D 75). Wer welche hat oder weiß, wo man diese erhalten könnte, möge sich doch bitte bei uns melden.

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