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@baldur this maybe too selfish a question, but have you considered differentiating the avatars for your accounts? 😇

There's also "Leela Zero", an AlphaZero-style Go engine, but it will still need about a year of crowd-sourced training to obtain notable strength:

Man soll die Dinge nicht so tragisch nehmen, wie sie sind.
- Karl Valentin

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Can't find that DOM node that has a pesky scrollbar you want to get rid of?
Now in Firefox Nightly, elements that are scrollable are marked as such in the inspector!

Ich brauche mal eure Hilfe: In welcher Superman-Geschichte wird das mit der Brille, die Clark Kent tragen muss, um sich nicht als Supermann zu verraten thematisiert? Frage für einen kleinen Kerl, der gerade den Blues hat, weil er mit 5 Jahren ne Brille braucht. #verfolgerkraft gerne weiterleiten!

@grainloom Math professor: We have variables named f, F, 𝘍, and 𝓕 in handwriting on the blackboard at the same time. This is fine,

Thanks to @autumnaterr, we have some new mathmo emoji on

:k_s_chandrasekhar: K.S. Chandrasekhar
:aryabhatta: Aryabhatta
:maxwell: James Clerk Maxwell

Wow. Facebook bezahlt Jugendliche und Erwachsene dafür, sich Überwachungssoftware zu installieren.

Color - a color palette tool that let's you fetch palettes from a site, check for contrast and different ways to use those

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This is critical — it needs contributions.

RT by ⁦@aardrian⁩ : a website where you can share your good and bad experiences, accessibility-wise, with tools, apps and software in general. Will be extremely useful, if it fosters numerous contributions, so let’s do it! #a11y

asking for resources on differential equations 

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@christianp have you reached out to other asciimath implementors?

I was hoping the MathOnWebCG might be a good place to come together for some form of standardization.

Kindle, #a11y 

Kindle, #a11y 

As part of my expanded/changed role at Mozilla platform engineering, Accessibility, my current job involves what we internally call Quantum Accessibility, which in a nutshell means: Make Firefox accessibility faster bit by bit, here and there, nibbling away at those milliseconds it takes for information to reach assistive technologies when requested.

Something like gitea etc al but with activitypub

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