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So here's the full process of me, painting a portrait of me ca. 1982: youtu.be/PQ3IKiTSjhw
I really like this painting a *lot* and I so enjoy watching the process - hope you like it, too! #artTimelapse #traditionalArt

@rusawe im Deutschen schreibt man wohl auch von tröts.

Shocking, I know.

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Free simile: Selling a liquid that requires shaking in a container that cannot close properly.

Now let's clean up.

Oh look, it only took 16 years to give a woman an Abel Prize...


@aardrian indeed. But since I'm just writing up a report after a testing project across reading systems, I just had to tell someone to feel a little less sad. 😖 Sorry for abusing the thread.

@aardrian in slightly related news: Kindle still doesn't support alt text. Only some books have "screenreader: supported" status -- which seems to mean "image alt text works with NVDA" (no headings, lists etc). I can't find any documentation on how a book can get that status either.

Le Sigh...

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Timothy Browning has discovered that

This settles all but one case of which two-digit numbers can be represented as a sum of three cubes. The remaining case is \(n=42\).

For more, see gilkalai.wordpress.com/2019/03 (where I found out about this) or en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sums_of_ (new article I wrote once I found out).

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While searching for more references for the new Wikipedia article (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sums_of_) I found a horrible mistake related to this problem in Wolfram's _A New Kind of Science_, p. 789 (wolframscience.com/nks/p789--i). Wolfram says that the smallest solution to \(x^3+y^3+z^3=2\) is the known sporadic one,
&+ 3480205^3\\
&+ (-3528875)^3.
But the parametric solution has many that are smaller: \((1,1,0)\), \((7,-5,-6)\), \((49,-47,-24)\), etc.

@baldur you are on wrong side of the gulf stream 🙃 cherry blossoms are starting to come out over here.

@aardrian sigh. I mean, it's a good idea, obviously. But the race to the bottom will be painful.

@aardrian do you mean a missing alt attribute triggering auto-text? Yeah, that makes "sense" (for some value of sense).

@aardrian next step: an attribute to trigger auto-text automatically, so devs can say "problem solved" / "not my problem anymore" / "go complain to Google/Facebook/Microsoft".

Any suggestions for video editors on Android? Just clipping, resizing, and compressing would be fine.

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Hat jemand Empfehlungen für Wordpress-Themes, die gut mit Podlove können?

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