@moiety put in issuéball and throw far, far away...

Hope things get better for you! 🤗

Geek culture is being against digital scarcity when you want somebody’s work for free and for digital scarcity when it helps you sell gifs for thousands in a tulipmania-style bubble.

Bonus points for harassing or sending death threats to anybody who even vaguely annoys you

Old programmer wisdom:

"Fix someone's program, they're happy for a day. Teach someone to program and they're never happy again."

signal messenger, help? 

@MrManor thanks. I've been using the backup feature as well. But incidentally just ran into a problem restoring it - it would restore groups etc but not actual restore the messages or media. I could workaround it by using the "move to new phone" feature but that isn't exactly feasible if a phone dies or is lost.

signal messenger, help? 

Does anyone know a reliable "exporter" / "backup extractor" for signal?

I tried github.com/pajowu/signal-backu but I'm not really happy with the results.

Attention people of Europe: A recent update to "weather" introduced a hay fever bug in some installations so we decided to roll back to the last stable release "winter".

web design history - 

@moiety yes, but you can click on the old logo at the right top. ✨

web design history - 

@pkra the old one is still there too but I was shocked too 😂

web design history - 

@bekopharm doh top right. Silly me.

web design history - 

@bekopharm where? I looked but didn't find it...

web design history - 

@moiety right?? Not even a link to an archived copy afaict

web design history - 

WTF they've updated the Space Jam website.

social media, dilemma 

TFW you see a great too and want to boost but then you read the thread of responses and you really don't want to put those responses in people's timeline.

So Bibliothekswelt: das ist einer unserer besten Jobs.

Entfristet, ordentlich Geld, tolles Team, toller Chef, toller Stellvertreter (ich!) das vielleicht beste Rechenzentrum im BAM-Bereich, Verbindung von "klassischer Bibliothekswelt" und Zukunft (ETL, ML).

Bewerbt euch!


Today is #TransDayOfVisibility. Two days ago the state of Arkansas became the first state in the US to ban health care for trans youth. Trans people, especially trans youth face an emerging hate and discrimination all over the wold. We all need to stand with them! ✊ Fighting the people who have chosen trans people as their new scapegoats to project their fear of progress and everything that is different from them! Who don't see the beauty of diversity! :trans_flag:

Wir suchen einen Menschen mit Social-Media-Expertise und Lust am Conmunity Management für :bonndigital:. Kann es sein, dass wir Dich bei Mastodon finden? Schau in unsere Stellenanzeige! Wir freuen uns Dich kennenzulernen: bonn.digital/jobs/ #BonnJobs (Gerne weitertröten! :toot:)

OSS vs vacationeers 

TFW a surge of random people show up on issue trackers to complain about obscure problems while putting in absolutely no effort into their report, only to disappear a few days later.

Ah, it's spring break.

Unsere Ausschreibung für #Python-Entwickler*innen hat etwas verloren - ihre Deadline! Also schön weiter verteilen und bewerben, bitte! mobilsicher.de/jobs-jobs-jobs

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