OSS - 

Watching some random dude making large PRs on an OSS project as first issues, declaring what's bad and what's good in the world.

math authoring 

author: my work is fairly easy to understand.

also author:

mathjax v3 

I guess it shows that I'm working on upgrading the AMS's production system to v3.

stix1 vs stix 2 

vartheta has quite some swagger in both.

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stix1 vs stix 2 

The mathcal C should be voiced by Antonio Banderas.

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name that glyph 

Could you identify this image without context? (no image alt given).

stix1 vs stix 2 

Follow up:

\sum _{\underline{J} \in mathcal{J}}

STIX1, I don't even know what's going on there with the J.

STIX2, not well designed for this particular case of mathitalic J vs mathcal I (of course mathcal J is very distinct)

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stix1 vs stix 2 

On the right, STIX1, on the left stix 2 rendering of \mathcal{U} = \{U_1,...,U_n\}

That's some terrible mathcal U, STIX1.

aria braille label 

Woohoo - Joanie is the best! She implemented the basics for aria braille label so that they work on Firefox+Orca.


OSS honesty 

TFW your TODO file was last touched 14 years ago 😉

mathjax, accessibility hacking 

All good things can be used for evil.

typescript, mathjax 3 

Huh, @zorkow seems to have successfully tricked me into learning MathJax's new TS structure.

Feels like:

TeX in real world production 

Ok, latin scripts, greek, hebrew, cyrillic all bad enough.

But germanic runes?

bundesregierung.de, tracking 

Uff -- bundesregierung.de will mir ganz dringend tracking cookies per dark pattern unterschieben.

Gmail on Firefox 

"Offline unavailable.

The browser you are using is missing some features required to enable offline. To enable offline, you must use Chrome with version 61 or higher."

Yeah right.

TeX in real life 

The cases and empheq packages are a bit of bad style for my taste. And terrifying to do with MathJax due to continued lack of rowspan.

TeX in real world production 


equation layout, accessibility 

From "The Calculus of Calories": Hall's model refining the energy balance equation tracking oxidation rates of carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

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