LaTeX question 


Do you have a good use case for this?

Background: this usually leads to nested links in the output; when converted to web content, that's invalid (though that can be hacked around). In any case, the UX of nested links is dubious.

But I personally haven't seen a legitimate use case for this yet.

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re: LaTeX question 

@pkra I guess in the case illutrated here, it *could* make sense for “Annex J” to be a hyperlink to the annex in question… but then, it's not quite clear how useful it is. If a hyperlink really is useful, it would seem more sensible to provide outside of the reference, in a footnote or in the text.

re: LaTeX question 

@otini Right, I've seen that kind of thing in production often enough. This is a case that strikes me as bad authoring -- linking to two things when they want to reader to look at one thing (Annex J).

re: LaTeX question 

@otini *the reader. Also thanks for your reply!

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