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The US is now going to allow X gender markers, and self-identification for gender markings , on passports.

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It's not really *luxury* gay space communism.

But this paper estimates that if we aim for meeting everyone's needs we could have a world where everyone has enough energy for water, food, health care, schools, access to mass transit, modestly sized insulated homes and access to digital communication tools without breaching planetary boundaries.

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"How can I breathe at a time like this,
when the air is full of the smoke
of burning tires, burning lives?"

It's a day early for #VerseThursday, but a friend shared this poem saying he needed it today, and I sure as hell do too, so maybe you could use it as well, go read the rest.

Breathe, by Lynn Ungar

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This is a long shot but I'll throw this out here anyway.

I've been looking for a job for over a year and a half and the only employer I've found that would take me in has been Diddly-Squat, Inc. Obviously the pay sucks, and I'm still looking so we can have three incomes around here and have a few luxuries like "unprocessed food" and "clothes that fit without holes."

If you know ANYONE who is hiring remote and pays $15/hr or more I'll take it. My only hard requirement is that it has to be suitable for an autistic ambivert with anxiety (for example, no call centre shit).

My main specialty is sysadmin and programming but I'll do just about anything at this point.

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Know a teenager in the U.S. who wants to get vaccinated—for anything, not just COVID-19–but whose parents won’t allow it? exists to help them out. There’s resources for both trying to convince the parents and state-by-state information for speaking authoritatively with medical staff about their rights. In some states the age of medical consent to vaccination is 13!

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My #prideMonth #crowdfund is nearing it's end!

Background: Blue's Clues used the queer trans BIPOC flag I designed in their pride month video, without credit, asking, or anything. Is pride month for #BIPOC? White/corporate pride definitely doesn't include the likes of me, a disabled Indigenous person.

Nickelodeon gets tehir accolades, while my family lost our single income for #autismAcceptanceMonth, naturally.

We have our home covered for this month, and we're hoping to raise a bit more to help cover medical bills! We have so many medical bills, and that's with health insurance that we'll be losing soon too...

If you can donate that'd be amazing. If you can boost, that'd be amazing!

#boost #transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund

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when dogs drink water too fast do they get the hippups

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straight up I am in love with water fountains. whenever I look at a public water fountain I go "this is literally a monument to a functioning civilization." when I look at a public water fountain I think about all of the technology, all of the water filtration and pipes and infrastructure that came together to provide Me drinkable water in a public space
some urban designer built Me a fountain to drink from because I might be thirsty. Literally the opposite of hostile architecture.

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canid behaviour, hello this is one of my niche interests 

@calculsoberic @schratze
So, wolf packs are basically family groups so there's a (relatively flat, but visible) hierarchy primarily based on age and experience. Wolves in the wild usually choose their leader in certain situations based on who is the most competent at whatever they're doing (so, at hunting, scavenging, finding a place to sleep etc). Packs of dogs exhibit the same behaviour if left to their own devices! The idea of a single alpha wolf who holds power over the rest of the pack is therefore largely a myth.

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2021: Juneteenth becomes a federal holiday

2022: white people schedule gender reveal parties for "the long Juneteenth weekend", burn down three forests

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using he/him or she/her does not imply a gender and genders do not imply pronouns. stop it [people on other platform, this time]

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I love this non binary flag SO MUCH I just want t-shirts and jackets and scarves with it printed and patches and fuck my big gay :heart_teal: heart explodes for it!! credit

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Pride, job searching, queer allies, kinda fed up 

The job search website Indeed has a Progress Flag logo right now, and a nice message about helping various types of queers find work.

On one hand, I appreciate that it's not just the usual six-color rainbow flag, and includes the colors for POC and trans people. That feels like a bit more of a statement than "yay gays!", especially for an employment site. The tips on interviewing and being inclusive are a good move.

On the other hand, considering how hard I've been nailed for being openly trans and trying to find and keep work in the past couple of years, it just rubs it in.

It's nice to see progress being made. But just talking about success rates still whitewashes the awful unemployment and poverty rates, which are directly linked to depression and health problems, especially for non-white and non-cis queers.

Make people see the statistics. Show that unemployment is a fucking emergency for queers, especially in a nation where medical care is tied to having a job.

If you're an ally, hire us, or donate to our Paypals so we can eat while we keep looking for a place we won't be bullied into quitting.

I'm done celebrating, until these facts are front and center.

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if they wear sheeps clothing are they woolves

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Charles Babbage fact: the What's the Difference Engine, designed during his blue period, accepts input represented by the positions of brass cogs.
On turning a crank, the machine emits a protracted sighing noise. There is no other output.

JT Rustad boosted very good article to read, especially if you still think being fat means you’re unhealthy or undeserving of human decency :)

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We've been mulling for a while about how to word this, but:

Identity is not a logic puzzle.
It's a story
or a poem.

There is no excluded middle
no law of noncontradiction
there are landmarks,
resonant frequencies that sound in unison with selves
and victories won in the struggle for self-understanding.

They should be celebrated.

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HRT Microgrants open in a little under 2 hours! (it usually fills up within seconds) next open period is September 1, 2021

"Everyone in our community who needs trans care deserves it. We don’t have a committee to determine who is more or less deserving, so applications fill up on a first come, first serve basis – with 75% reserved for BIPOC"

there are also resources for if you may not qualify this time around

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if being hard on yourself worked, it would have worked by now

try something else

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