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Hi! I'm a maths student at Helsinki University. For the past year or so I've been writing a popular (not as in visitors) maths blog,, in Finnish. In addition to human languages (FIN/ENG/SWE/FRE) I respond to quite a few computer ones (esp. C#).

Interested in seeing if toots > tweets!

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"Remember! Most strings are incompressible, most reals uncomputable, most theorems unprovable, most programs undecidable."

― Gwern

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to comply with GDPR, as of May 25th, I will no longer be remembering anybody’s name, face or personal details without their explicit consent

...phew, finally a viable excuse

Just had the last exam of the year, and the sky’s not too bad either. I approve!

Things you can do in : attend the grand opening of grazing season at the university research farm! 🐄🐄 (I’m not sure whether this is ridiculous or amazing for a capital city.)

Re today’s (, my compromise between ”lay-tecks” and ”lah-tekh” is ”late ex”. *ducks*

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Recently I discovered a surprising fact about numbers, so I made an online web thing to give it the recognition it deserves. Give it a go:
A little write-up on @aperiodical at

Woho, Blogger/Blogspot finally supports HTTPS with custom domains! is now 100% more privately transmitted and 0% more reliable/understandable/amusing maths blog 😎

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Some maths students out there? 🤔

Joys of maths freshman life: spending half an hour calculating the area of a triangle.

(AKA: Riemann sums are not at all error-resilient)

I really liked the 30-ish profiles of research mathematicians in the latest AMS Notices (pdf):

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Although I long ago dropped out of research , I really love asking working mathematicians to explain whatever it is they are interested in. I have enough general knowledge that they can usually simplify things enough for me to get the gist of their work. Plus, they're usually really enthusiastic about explaining what they do, because most strangers they meet cannot or will not follow!

Great fun to see them light up and have them tell me the metaphors they've developed for their art.

Fermi estimate: How many snowflakes in a snowman? Show more

Veikkaus uudisti sääntöjä jälleen, joten taas mennään... Kannattaako Lotto plussata?

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There are 10 kinds of people in the world: those who thought this was a binary joke, those who felt clever for expecting a ternary joke, those who have considered the possibility of a quaternary joke, those who...