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Hi! I'm a maths student at Helsinki University. For the past year or so I've been writing a popular (not as in visitors) maths blog,, in Finnish. In addition to human languages (FIN/ENG/SWE/FRE) I respond to quite a few computer ones (esp. C#).

Interested in seeing if toots > tweets!

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Learning fixed points and stability might be the happiest moment of this course.
Soon everything’s going to chaos. Literally, chaos.

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I should take my chance at

I'm a mathematics PhD. Unemployed by academia, but at least working in Geographic Information Services. My work was in inviscid fluids and Monte Carlo methods, but I keep thinking I know knot theory better than I do.
is my pop-mathematics blog. Its big features are essays based on topics raised by comic strips, and a roughly annual A-To-Z feature describing one mathematics term for each letter.

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The average commute in 2015 was 14.1 kilometres! Per capita consumption of nuts in 2016 was 1.6 kg! There are a bit over 600 pharmacies across the country!

Quite a nice touch: when the national statistics bureau calls you for a survey (consumer confidence index in my case), they send a small Finland in Numbers booklet along with the notification letter. I’ll totally geek out on this many times.


I hope you're all done exams, and that you can find some space to rest and reset before the next semester

And if you still have exams, I hope you're enjoying them, or learning from them, or failing that, just getting through them

Just one complaint: either all the maths books are on loan, or popular maths is in sorry state here. These ten are all related to studying.

Visited , the new centrum in . It is as amazing as in pictures, and still packed with visitors two weeks after opening.

The book collection is not very large, the focus is rather in the shared space. Lots of reading and working space and a large children’s area. Early next year, a floor devoted to making and crafting (3D printers, sewing machines, recording studios...) will open.

Looking for a bit bigger ? My Christmas crossnumber, inspired by the amazing @chalkdustmag conundrum, is here once again!

Verifying the gender of ’livre’, I couldn’t help thinking it could be a British spelling of ’liver’.

Dear internet, please stop making videos to tell me things that could be adequately explained in one paragraph of text.

What other bits of maths would qualify as witchcraft?

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