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A small update on what I'm doing: I started this week as a doctoral researcher (PhD student) in our Mathematical Physics group at Helsinki! I'll be working on stochastic analysis and related things.

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Maybe it's time to update my pinned toot...

Hey there! I'm a MSc student at University of Helsinki, Finland. I'm specializing in , doing quite a bit of analysis alongside. I also sometimes blog about fun maths in Finnish, at

I've been a hobbyist programmer for like 2/3 of my life, presently interested in . In addition to computer languages, you can reach me in Finnish, English, Swedish and French.

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I did promise to tell about my BSc thesis topic one day. So get ready for a thread on... fractals! Along the way we'll also meet measure theory, a bit of function theory and several bad jokes.

I'll try to keep this as accessible as possible, even though I'll use some maths terminology. Feel free to ask if something is unclear! If the LaTeX equations do not render correctly for you, try opening the thread on

This is going to be a long thread, so let's get started!

I'm still catching up with today's prize lectures at the , but it seems that this year's laureates are not just excellent researchers, but also great communicators!

The lectures can be watched here:

Update: It went well! Turns out that I spent quite some time running around, since we were taking questions from the audience, but I wasn’t running around too nervously 😅

(In the recordings, you can see this one guy carrying the mic. That’s me. Hi! Hope I didn’t do anything too embarrassing!)

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I’m part of the local crew, assigned to assist the speakers. I very much hope that you won’t see me running nervously.

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We have four Fields medallists!

Picture: Martin Hairer doing live demos of random cluster models in his laudatio speech for Hugo Duminil-Copin.

Dumilin-Copin gave a talk at the Helsinki mathematical physics conference just yesterday. Hallway rumours were strong.

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Context: International Congress of Mathematicians was scheduled for St. Petersburg, but for the obvious reason it was moved online. The General Assembly and award ceremonies were moved to Helsinki since there is a satellite conference on mathematical physics going on right now.

I’m doing some volunteer and backstage work, in addition to trying to follow the ceremony whenever I can. (No, I don’t know the winners. Of course, some speculation can be heard during mathphys conference breaks…)

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Things getting set up for the ICM award ceremonies at Aalto University Töölö, Helsinki. Be sure to follow the live stream at, the ceremony starts at 10:00 Eastern European time!

academic spam 

Spam filter did not catch an invitation for a ”conference” on… ”recent trends in science”. That’s quite a scope 🙃

I just learned about the existence of skyrmions, and cannot help but wonder who names a quasiparticle after a dairy product. (Unless the discoverer was Icelandic.)

I always liked the name "standard normal distribution".

We should do better.

"Standard normal regular garden-variety distribution" is a good start.

A mildly annoying computer feature: ”Wake from sleep when I pull out the wireless keyboard dongle”

I got my MSc thesis online a few weeks ago, and it covers some of the topics I'll be looking at.

What I did there was read a couple of 90's papers by Jean Bourgain and explain the basic results. Bourgain was known for omitting *a lot* of details, so this was not an easy task! The result is 80 pages of dense maths. (Goal for MSc theses is 40 to 50...)

Chapters 2 and 6 present pretty general tools and should be readable. Chapter 4 can be used to scare demons.

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A small update on what I'm doing: I started this week as a doctoral researcher (PhD student) in our Mathematical Physics group at Helsinki! I'll be working on stochastic analysis and related things.

In topology, spaces can be classified as: regular – normal – completely normal – perfectly normal.

Are we just bad (as always) at naming things, or are the topologists hiding something? ”Keep moving… this is a perfectly normal space… nothing to see here…”

What fascinates me about generating images with CLIP is that it CAN generate depth and realistic textures, but only if you know how to ask for them.

"A herd of sheep grazing on a lush green hillside" alone

vs with "amazing awesome and epic" added

research-level maths 

My note-taking/sketching high: crossed-out cross-outs, and a folded scrap of paper taped onto the page.

(I’m reading an old Bourgain paper. He was known for conciseness.)

I wonder if I could skip the head-banging phase by just working from the restroom.

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In the past year, I seem to have made a habit of head-banging at some mathematical argument for hours, feeling miserably stupid, and then solving the whole problem during a toilet visit, with the associated feeling genius.

Today’s was just 1 hour / 1 problem; my personal best is 4 hours of staring at two coursework exercises (on different courses), then cracking both in those two minutes.

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