@peterrowlett DALL•E Mini also thinks "functor and monoids" are cartoon characters.

I played around with DALL•E Mini (now craiyon) - an AI image generator. I asked it to generate images of mathematics and mathematicians and some related topics and variants. Some results, some thoughts: aperiodical.com/2022/06/what-d

I suddenly realised earlier that I can fill a Hex board with a random assortment of counters using the LaTeX package hexboard. I'm not sure this is useful, mind you! In fact, less sure the more I think about it...

I was invited onto BBC Radio Kent today (I seem to have been added to some sort of list!) to talk about Imperial units. Listen at bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0c6bvxk from 1:42:10.

I was invited onto BBC Radio Bristol today for a little chat about the origins of mathematics. Starts at 3:27:30 straight after ABBA and runs for about 6 mins. bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p0c3zz97

What we call mathematics aperiodical.com/2022/05/what-w

Some thoughts about the subject we call mathematics and how that does - and doesn't - change.

@RyunoKi agreed, I listen to longer podcasts sometimes but always broken over a couple of days. I just meant we tell ourselves it's 15 mins but frequently creep longer!

@RyunoKi delighted to hear it! Also pleased to hear you're buying into the '15 minutes per episode' lie we tell ourselves!

mathjax, github markdown 

@pkra agree it's a good thing, but @christianp has trained me out of using $ and $$ for math mode!

New episode of the Mathematical Objects podcast: PageRank.

Katie and I have a chat about a weird voting system that's secretly hugely important.


I wrote a paper about partially-automated assessment, essentially asking can we get the advantages of automated question-setting without the limitations of automated marking? It's just been published in an issue of International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.


Unsure how many HE teaching people are on here, but just to say we've published the new issue of MSOR Connections, the second of two special issues containing papers from the CETL-MSOR Conference 2021. Innovative practice in teaching, learning, assessment and support in maths, stats and OR. Read for free here: journals.gre.ac.uk/index.php/m

Three journal special issues I'm aware of on university mathematics, statistics and OR teaching, learning, assessment, support, etc. during COVID:
- Restarting the new normal academic.oup.com/teamat/issue/
- Takeaways from teaching through a global pandemic tandfonline.com/toc/tmes20/53/
- Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic journals.gre.ac.uk/index.php/m

I'm an editor for one, editorial board for another and ex-editorial board for the third. Are there any others?

Katie Steckles and I have a podcast called Mathematical Objects, which releases a short chat on a mathematical topic fortnightly in seasons of 8 episodes.

Today's episode is "A joke" with special guest Bec Hill. We talk about similarities and differences between maths and jokes.

Hopefully you can find it where you normally find podcasts (let me know if not!) or listen/subscribe/etc. via aperiodical.com/2022/05/mathem

@vantablue I don’t know what blogs you are talking about, but @christianp and I are some of the people behind aperiodical.com/

We coordinate the Carnival of Math, a monthly roundup of blog posts and other online content hosted on a different blog each month. We’re actually looking for hosts for upcoming Carnivals, which you may be interested in doing as hosting a Carnival is a great way to find out what’s out there. Details: aperiodical.com/carnival-of-ma

@axnicho @ColinTheMathmo @icecolbeveridge I believe MathsJax is good for this. (MathJax is what Mathstodon uses to compile the LaTeX in posts. But of course it doesn’t travel off this instance or e.g. to the apps. I’ve seen people using Unicode math characters and people doing ASCII art, I suspect both are worse than just pictures of the maths with good alt text.

@christianp @erou @nilesjohnson thanks, that’s what I suspected but from a much more informed position than mine. It’s always been a problem for mathsy people that rendering maths isn’t mainstream enough to be default in web tech.

@zorked do you know that this improves accessibility? Do you mean "it renders on the app and other instances" or something else? I am wondering if the unicode translation breaks access technology while MathJax helps it. Am discussing this here too: mathstodon.xyz/@peterrowlett/1

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