New episode of the Mathematical Objects podcast: PageRank.

Katie and I have a chat about a weird voting system that's secretly hugely important.

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I must admit that I enjoy your podcast.

About 15 minutes per episode is so easy to integrate in my daily life!

And I learn about things they never taught in university!

So thankful to have discovered you on the fedi!

@RyunoKi delighted to hear it! Also pleased to hear you're buying into the '15 minutes per episode' lie we tell ourselves!

You can't imagine it is to listen to a 2 hour episode while taking care of a baby…
So … chaotic day to day.

15 minutes is like doing chores while the kid is napping.

30 minutes might work out, too.
If you want to make a special episode :)

@RyunoKi agreed, I listen to longer podcasts sometimes but always broken over a couple of days. I just meant we tell ourselves it's 15 mins but frequently creep longer!

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