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I would love to follow from interesting people. Please suggest!

I should clarify that I don't know the "famous" blogs either that are generally followed by tech, software etc engineers and scientists.

Therefore, all sorts of suggestions are welcome. Please RT, thanks!

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Mathematically, I can't say much. I did some work with (nonsmooth) dynamical systems as an undergrad, and now I'm interested in many things such as Nathan Kutz's work on data-driven modeling of dynamical systems (e.g. SINDy, koopman linearization).

Academically, I recently got back in school for an MS (and hopefully PhD eventually). I'm trying to get through my classwork and qualifying exams in order to start doing research again.

Thanks for having me!

Hi, My name is Amal and I'm from India. I am a graduate student who is interested in algebraic geometry. I love math and I love to talk about math.


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