@adam thanks for sharing! I’m hopeful for P2P Matrix. It should be realized in a way that preserves or augments user privacy.

@bmann @moaparty that’s cool. I’ll look at it, and also consider donating. I wonder if Mastodon (and matrix) could be underpinned by an incentivized CRDT DAG data layer. In any case bridges between the closed and open worlds are a necessary deed.

t2bot.io is a one-person operation running Matrix bridges, currently bridging over 10M users. It’s non-profit but has received nearly no donations.

@torproject publish the website (and program binaries) on IPFS as a way to give trustworthy censorship resistant access to the public

Mastodon instance where you can add and follow Twitter users.

@root idea: fedi admin survey, to understand the pain points

@zoltan A) Is there a version of the matrix users bot that reports daily or weekly instead? B) Is it possible to report number of users active in the last 6 months?

@tomxcd In other words, the current design of these networks currently suffer from scalability and robustness issues. Matrix is doing R&D on having the network more P2P, resolving some of this. I'm not aware of research on the Mastodon/ActivityPub side.

@j2kun Docker seems to be the current de facto popular consensus, and podman a docker-compatible open alternative.

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