t2bot.io is a one-person operation running Matrix bridges, currently bridging over 10M users. It’s non-profit but has received nearly no donations.

Mastodon instance where you can add and follow Twitter users.

@zoltan A) Is there a version of the matrix users bot that reports daily or weekly instead? B) Is it possible to report number of users active in the last 6 months?

Estimation of the world's military spending in 2021: 2000 billions USD-equivalent. Imagine that going towards peace. We can start gradually by investing 1/365 of it over a yearly Peace Day.



> Our approach is to think of governance as a programmable state machine, which can interact with its group members (e.g. when voting) and alter its state to reflect governance proceedings and decisions in a verifiable and self-certifying manner.

> it makes it possible to convert any git-based open-source project into a collaborative community with configurable governance rules.


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