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Unpublished work, an artificial chemistry. The short molecules at the top are being replicated by proximity to the 21 enzymes below. Each enzyme catalyses one of the reactions needed.

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Previous papers showed that it is possible to wrap this whole assembly into a cell that can copy itself and compete for resources with others.

The challenge now is to find a way to simulate this kind of system fast enough that we can watch it evolve.

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Margolus neighborhood can be extrapolated to more colors, more block size, and more or less dimensions. For example, on first picture this is how 1D invertible automata with block size 2 looks like. Time goes from top to bottom. For 1D 2-block-size automata you get \(2^2!=24\) possible rules.

For it I found that there exists 4 rule transformations that joins similiar rules together. Second picture shows 4 different groups of rules. (source: optozorax.github.io/p/invertib)

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RCA is interesting, because quantum mechanics is reversible too (source: wikipedia), and RCA is closer to our physics than non-reversible ones. This is why losing information in black holes seems like a big problem.

And you can simulate RCA backwards in time! It means that you can get previous states for any of your bit images. Gif shows how random state evolves to the text "hi" in invertible rule called Critters.

Simulator link: dmishin.github.io/js-revca (check out help page, it's nice)

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You can get RCA by constructing it using special methods:
• Margolus neighborhood: replace each 2x2 block according to the rules, then offset a grid diagonaly by 1 block and do the same (first picture)
• Partitioned neighborhood: replace inner block of points according to rules using outer points (second picture) (DOI 10.1007/s11047-017-9655-9)
• Second-order CA (see wikipedia on RCA)

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Thread about Reversible Cellular Automata!

RCA is CA that has exactly one previous and exactly one next state. For example, Conway's Game Of Life is not reversible, because you can have multiple states converge to emptiness. And GoL can have [0; inf) previous states, and exactly one next. Thus, non-reversible CA constantly lose information.

The GIF shows glider in a RCA called "Single rotate", it uses Margolus neighorhood with block of size 2. (Source dmishin.blogspot.com/2013/11/t)

• Name - 𝙸𝚕𝚢𝚊
• Speak Russian and English
• Work as a C++ programmer
• 23 y.o.
• Male
• Autistic

• Computer graphics
• Portals geometry, 4D, hyperbolic geometry
• Ergonomic keyboards
• Cellular automata, especially invertible ones
• Simulation of evolution, artificial life
• Rust programming language
• Geometric algebra

I have some content on some of these topics, and I will try to post it here.


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