Hello all! Excited to be escaping twitter. Does anyone know how to set up a script that reads an RSS feed and posts any new entries to mastodon?

Also, for yucks, trying out the LaTeX: $\int_a^b f(x) dx$

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@olynch kind of a gamble without a preview, but it's worlds better than no latex support at all!

@DaveJamesKent @olynch i don't know if i've activated some secret setting, but i get a preview!

@thosgood @olynch

oo, i think that only shows up when you use that form of delimiter (or its display version). i was using dollar signs. good to know!

@olynch I have a 'bot that auto-toots, but it's a "throw together" using the command line "toot" program. So it can be done, but I don't know of any way to do it without actual coding.

@ColinTheMathmo Eh, I'd probably want to throw something together anyways; I'll take a look at the command line "toot" program.

@olynch I use "toot" and some scripts to create my charts ... an example to follow.

Calling @Chartodon ...


Your chart is ready, and can be found here:

Things may have changed since I started compiling that, and some things may have been inaccessible.

The chart will eventually be deleted, so if you'd like to keep it, make sure you download a copy.

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