@logicbot I mean, github.com/olligobber/DirectPr can almost generate the proofs, just need to add some conditional proofs of a→a etc. at the start, then figure out the I/O

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Fun project idea, a bot that responds to @logicbot with proofs of its tautologies.

@jsiehler I took a guess, then got a computer to brute force it and it proved me wrong.

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you know, 'this mf' is technically a gender neutral pronoun

I declare ln(69)≈4.234 to be Sanderson's number

I think I need to set up a cat bed next to me laptop's heat vent.

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Challenge for applied category theory: build a ronavirus, so that the world can be sane again.

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Political programming memes 

Found via @statebox@twitter.com

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