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I made a regex to match all multiples of 7, but it was >10,000 characters so grep couldn't handle it.

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I wanted to write a prime generator, but all the popular languages already have optimised ones I can't compete with.


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Wat. "There's an algorithm which solves SAT instances in polynomial time, if and only if P=NP. If P=NP, then it runs in polynomial time. If P is not equal to NP, it runs in the best possible non-polynomial time for such a solver."

From Did you know?
bunnies’ large ears help (super)cool their powerful brains while they contemplate particularly difficult mathematics

Someone has challenged me to implement brainfk in universal iota...

@logicbot I mean, can almost generate the proofs, just need to add some conditional proofs of a→a etc. at the start, then figure out the I/O

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Fun project idea, a bot that responds to @logicbot with proofs of its tautologies.

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I declare ln(69)≈4.234 to be Sanderson's number

I think I need to set up a cat bed next to me laptop's heat vent.

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Challenge for applied category theory: build a ronavirus, so that the world can be sane again.

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Political programming memes 

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Consider the algorithm "M(x): if x<0 return -x, else return M(x-M(x-1))/2". This algorithm terminates for all real x, though this is not so easy to prove. In fact, Peano Arithmetic cannot prove the statement "M(x) terminates for all natural x". Paper to come! Joint work with @jeffgerickson and @alreadydone

Can't remember Cory Doctorow's name? Just google "xkcd cape guy"!

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I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

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