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NewEpisode of the Oil Podcast:
"back to cuz got to dev on smartphones"

NewEpisode of the oil podcast:
wasnt aware of the error my midi.csd had been producing

new episode of the Oil Podcast:
sep picotachi seems to be on 18th(mon)

jackd won't run on the Pi with the current driver since jackd tries to mmap the audio and exactly that operation is not supported by the alsa-driver for the BCM-sound part.

new episode of oil.ogg podcast = celebrating tidalcycles's getting submitted to chocolatey

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"If you already have a script that works with wav files, you can use that of course. The file format limitations only apply to Pythonista's sound module. You need to type the filename by hand though, because it doesn't show up in the sound file list." okay great!!

import appex, os, console

def save():
if appex.is_running_extension():
sFp = appex.get_file_path()
if sFp:
with open(sFp, 'rb') as f1:
with open(os.path.basename(sFp), 'wb') as f2:

if __name__ == '__main__':

import ui
import console
def button_tapped(sender):
sender.title = "Baka"
v = ui.load_view()

If you want to save your audio output to a soundfile named test.wav, change-odac to -o/sdcard/test.wav

[function (time, freq){return Math.sin(freq * 2 * Math.PI * time);}] /Defined another sine wave function. 

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