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Watch "We Need to Have a Talk About Google" on YouTube -

Watch "Custom VinylVideo discs are here" on YouTube -

Watch "Haiku OS Beta - Visual Tour and Impressions" on YouTube -

mkvinfo Game.mkv
mkvextract tracks Game.mkv 2:file.aac

GitHub - dmsc/emu2: Simple x86 and DOS emulator for the Linux terminal. -

Watch "Surfraw Lets You Search The Web...From The Terminal" on YouTube -

Watch "How Did You React To The Code Of Conduct News? Proud Of Your Actions?" on YouTube -

okay fixed muzik.csd and now I can simply prepare some midi note number oriented patterns in vim on a smartphone

Watch "SSH - Advanced Terminal Tricks : Part 1" on YouTube -

A Graphic Memoir on Finding Your True Self - A Graphic Memoir on Finding Your True Self. Episode: Media: Sent from Podcast Republic.

Watch "CTO of Purism on the Librem 5 smartphone" on YouTube -

so the gnurootdebian on my hi8 tablet(android4.4) got broken and this one will only work as a connectbot machine for raspberry-pi

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