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hmm doesnt seem to work with BT headphones
Live Coding with Csound -

zero phone sounds nice!
Watch "Taking Into Account, Ep. 7 - Linus on Intel, NSA's Speck, NVIDIA RTX, Zero Phone, Releases, Peertube" on YouTube -

midish - command-line MIDI sequencer/filter for BSD and Linux -

Watch "Triple Distro Extravanganza - Hackman Linux, Trinity PCLOS, TempleOS" on YouTube -

oh so since my userland on g08 is running on android7.1 the screen can be split this way .. its really like linux-cli n android-gui working together

did the sudo passwd user thang por userland and feeling safer ;)
now totally ready to go linux-cli on android phones

copying things on android and pasting em to connetbot ssh-ing to userland does work :) and files can be shared at sdcard/Download .. so i make that dir my home ..

Watch "Bodhi Linux 5.0.0 Released - Let's Take A Look" on YouTube -

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Flatpak 1.0 Released with ‘Significant Improvements’ - it is a cross-distribution app packaging and distribution format for Linux distros #flatpak

my plan was to ghc somethang. he and then run ./something in that gnurootdebian on smartphones but found that it is impossible :(
has to be on x86 based android or raspis

Faust is very concise, for example, here's the implementation of a one pole filter/integrator equivalent to y(n) = x(x) + y(n-1)*p (where p is the pole):

process = +~*(p);

process = os.osc(carrierFreq+os.osc(modulatorFreq)*index) <: dm.zita_rev1;

process = no.noise : fi.resonlp(ctFreq,q,gain)*t <: dm.zita_rev1;

filter = fi.resonlp(ctFreq,q,gain)
process = no.noise <: filter,filter;

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