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oops did pacman -S cabal-install and then cabal install csound-expression but got blamed that something is missing in the base- so did ghc-pkg check and got a huge list of doesnt exists

o! ive forgotten that even raspbian with gui doesnt come with pulseaudio pre-installed
Raspbian Stretch has arrived for Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi -

my manjaro-i3 on hpmini seems to have pulse disabled by default and even though its equipped with a script to turn it on i think i dont want to. then quite certain that ill have the same prob that i have when running csound-expression on raspbian-lite

maybe i can just pacman -S cabal-install to get the haskell-platfom kinda thing?
Arch Linux - cabal-install (x86_64) -

cabal installing csound-expression to the mobile version of my pi3

its acoustic but totally algo i would say .. skip the 1st tune if you are only interested in the system .. no dont
Ólafur Arnalds - Ólafur Arnalds. Sent from Podcast Republic.

New Manjaro32 installation not taking - Technical Issues and Assistance / Updating - Manjaro Linux Forum -

can't have my manjaro machine get pacman -Syu ed cuz Tyler Dence related PGP sig seems to be corrupted

also did a
cabal install hsndfile
but had to
apt install c2hs
before that

so i finally got
cabal install csound-expression
complete its job on my pi3(raspbian-lite jackless)
dac $ osc 440
gives an error blaming that
"Cannot open device 'default' for audio input: No such file or directory"

o my! a version by that sonicpi person?
samaaron/dvtm: Personalised fork of dvtm -

as the last one of microPPL site redesignings did it por the page dedicated to CLI
now its time to really study
cli -

Get into the Spiritual Trance Music by Innov Gnawa - Get into the Spiritual Trance Music by Innov Gnawa. Episode: Media: Sent from Podcast Republic.

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