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also did a
cabal install hsndfile
but had to
apt install c2hs
before that

so i finally got
cabal install csound-expression
complete its job on my pi3(raspbian-lite jackless)
dac $ osc 440
gives an error blaming that
"Cannot open device 'default' for audio input: No such file or directory"

o my! a version by that sonicpi person?
samaaron/dvtm: Personalised fork of dvtm - github.com/samaaron/dvtm

as the last one of microPPL site redesignings did it por the page dedicated to CLI
now its time to really study
cli - sarigama.namaste.jp/micro/cli.

Get into the Spiritual Trance Music by Innov Gnawa - Get into the Spiritual Trance Music by Innov Gnawa. Episode: newsounds.org/story/spiritual-. Media: podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/a. Sent from Podcast Republic.

"FoxDot Tutorial 1: Basics" を YouTube で見る - youtu.be/d8XP7zT-lBo

"Live Coding Pop Music with Python and SuperCollider" を YouTube で見る - youtu.be/xXNB1BbKY8A

"Algorave: algorithmic dance culture | Alex McLean | TEDxHull" を YouTube で見る - youtu.be/nAGjTYa95HM

"WebAssembly and the Death of JavaScript - JS Monthly - February 2018" を YouTube で見る - youtu.be/pBYqen3B2gc

"Live Coding with Csound: Using the xchan User-defined Opcode" を YouTube で見る - youtu.be/G5P_MP_2a18

ffmpeg -i input.webm output.mp4

Converting WebM to MP4 Using FFmpeg - Pipe Blog - addpipe.com/blog/converting-we

grainstorm app es muy fun .. must find the man por this

iDoze(podcast) Jul issue of the MuchosPantaloons:
lets jam to this track in the studioE on the 22nd of Aug sarigama.namaste.jp/iDoze/2018